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Contest: Name Cyane's new dog


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After much deliberation and with help of my parents the selected the

WINNER is Choko with the name Yuki

(looking at the dog pics that were sent to me, he looked like a little snowball, when I told my parents the meaning they thought it was fitting)

Second prize goes for xenomaren with the name Happiness

(Besides the company that it will bring to all of us, it would fill the hole that our last dog left in the family, we were indecisive with this one but it was more towards the "Happy" name, since my mother couldn't say it properly this was left behind)

Congrats to the winners and thank for participating!!


Hello Ultimate friends! I would like to use your help to pick my new dog a beautiful/clever/fun name.


First prize:

HADES NEEDLE+56 special Hell

99 hp materials

99 power materials

Second Prize:

Heaven Striker

99hp materials



-You can suggest up to 3 names.

Ex: 1.Bobby

2. Rex


-Don't post a second time, I'll only accept the 3 first names.

-Don't post troll names.

Ex: 1.Fart


3. ThisNameWasAlreadyTaken

-Keep it short, nobody wants to spend more than 5 seconds to call a dog.

-Don't post names already posted.


Info about the dog: Male something like this bichon-frise-toy-poodle.jpg


It's not much effort, good luck for all participants! The contest ends in the day I get the news to get it.


Special Thanks:

Special thanks to MASSBLADE for donating Hades Needle and Heaven Striker!

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perfect !!!! Ok amma go for these

Guy dog : Mr bigglesworth (must , MUST say mr everytime)

Girl dog : Luna

Unisex : Chance

Either way hope you like your pooch :D

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Ultima/Heart/Mass xD

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  • 1. Serenity

  • 2. Cyanog

3. Twilight

4. Dawn (Since your parents would be baffled lmao)

(5.) Troll Name: MASS-Dawwgg!

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