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Found 22 results

  1. 20 pds each let me know which ones you want right here : )
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a new DM or a DF (my biggest preference is DM). If you have any of the following items that interest you, just send me a message. These are some of the items that are available. I have more cool stuff too. If you are interested in changing your DM or your DF, let me know what you like. I also have PD and DT. Already warning, because of the high cost of DM and DF I prefer, if possible, to get almost 100% in the exchanges. Thank you. I am looking for the PGF (around 300) or DF or DM item among these statuses. 50/0/0/50 / 50hit 0/50/0/50 / 50hit 0/0/50/50 / 50hit Or above. (You can also look at my other two stores. In posts close to this.) Hell Needle 0/0/0/0 (S-Rank) Mille Marteaux 0/0/0/0/45hit Mille Marteaux 35/0/0/0/45hit Mille Faucilles 0/25/30/0/30hit Mille Faucilles 0/0/0/0/50hit Mille Faucilles 40/0/40/0/35hit Mille Faucilles 35/0/0/0/35hit Mille Faucilles 0/0/0/25/35hit Vivienne 35/35/0/0/50hit Arrest Needle 0/0/25/0/35hit Arrest Needle 100/0/100/0/80hit Dual Bird 0/0/40/100/40hit Dual Bird 40/0/0/35/35hit Dual Bird 0/0/40/0/35hit Iron Faust 0/0/100/100/80hit Iron Faust 0/30/0/0/45hit Heaven Striker 50/0/0/0/45hit Snow Queen 0/0/0/0/45hit Rika`s Claw 0/0/0/40/55hit Crush Cannon 0/30/0/0/60hit Sange & Yasha 0/40/0/0/50hit Cannon Rouge 0/35/0/0/45hit Rianov 303SNR-5 0/100/0/100 Bomb Chu 40/0/0/40 Psycho Raven 35/0/40/30 Sonic Team armor Wedding Dress Samurai Armor Kroe`s Sweater Red Ring x4 RR - Cat Scratch RR - Angel Costume RR - Bunny Safety heart Adept x4 Centurion Ability 7x Stellar Shard 5x Proof of Sonic team 1x Harmonic Resonance Core Need something that is not here? Tell me what you need. Thanks.
  3. Remaking because reading is hard for too many of these broke people.
  4. As the title states I'm looking to buy one or both of these items. I'm sad I couldn't hunt much this Christmas and am on the market now for the last two items to complete my ranger. Let me know if you're interested in coming to some sort of deal and what you may be looking for to trade me. I currently can do 5x Cent/Battles, 100 or so DTs, a 40/0/0/40/40 IF (I think that's the stats on it), a 200 Mind Sato w/ twins, and maybe some other stuff too. Let me know please and thank you!
  5. hoi i am trading my 100-0-0-100|80 Dark Meteor for a 0-100-0-100|80 or 0-0-100-100|80 DF or for a DF with those stats or diferent but triple 50's but u have to add dts to max it or a good item to compensate te diference ty.
  6. Sabrina


  7. >>>>>Pm me<<<<<
  8. As the title states I am looking to buy a PGF/DM (0,x,0,x,x) and an STA. If you're somehow convinced these items are worth a mortal soul and then some this isn't the topic for you. PSO is a dying art and we are fortunate enough to be able to play on a F2P, trying to get more value then a current gen console's value for a virtual object on such a game is rather insulting and please don't cry to me or on this thread if you feel otherwise. With that said I'm open to negotiations and I'll take all REASONABLE offers to mind and consider what I can do with said offers. TY in advance for understanding and taking the time out to view this post. <3 you guys, mad love!
  9. LagOwned


    Title says it all. trading my Dark flow 100-0-100-0-80 for a Dark meteor 0-100-0-100-80 I would prefer those stats but if you have something different IE a DM 100-0-100-0-80 or 100-0-0-100-80 ,ill take a look
  10. hi as tiltle says im offering the next items T> TJS set 100-0-0-100|50 & 0-100-100-0|50 + cent/batle + Crimson sword 90-0-95-0|40 + Red Ring min + Agent K costume + Noob HP x4 + S-Reds blade + 15 dts + Proof of sonic team + bringers rifle 50 hit + girasole 0-45-50-30 For PGF / DF / DM pm me thanks or if u prefer the single tjs set + red ring ´+ noob hp set for sta ty
  11. stats are 100/100/0/0|80 looking for PGF or DM with n/m stats dont matter
  12. im looking for DF,DM tjs stats:65/0/0/65/25hit
  13. At the moment I have: Iron faust 40-45-0-0-40 hits Banana Cannon 25 hits Red Machinegun 45 hits Demolition Comet 50 hits Ultima reaper Jizai 15 hits Various different units From The Depth Vivienne 45 hits ~200 pds ~30 dts pm me what you think
  14. Hi ill buy a DM ABeast/Dark % or PGF. paying in 351 DTS pm me . got it can be closed
  15. Sabrina

    close pls

    close pls
  16. Sabrina

    B> DF OR DM

    I have 100 dts and some pds like 1 stack If your willing to sell it pls pme me, If your wanna trol or tell me my offer is to low pls dont post.
  17. looking to buy a dm i only got 40dts thou
  18. Sabrina


    My offer for 50 stat DM: Arrest needle 35/0/0/35|35 Glide v00 Hylian shield FTD Limiter 100 DTs 99 PDs PM me!
  20. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 6/1/2016 - : 12:14 PM CST Description: Syn loaned me a DM when I was on my FOmar and I deposited it into the common bank to change to my RAmarl when I logged back in the item was not in my common bank. I contacted Syn and asked if he still had the item he got back online and it wasn't there Comments: The stats on the DM are 0/100/0/90/80. I was just recently schooled on the common bank and now I don't use it all this is where my problems come in at and I noticed its always around the same time in the am on the nights I stay up really late and play. Notes: Guildcard -Syn's GC number is - 42086467 -Syn's Character Slot is 3 -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 1 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -2:45 am server time apx -4:45 am CST apx ​Sorry for the inconvenience
  21. Hello, Trying to buy a DM for 75 DTS. Looking for 50's, preferably in A. Beast, Dark, and Hit. Thank you! - Rend Edit: Oh, please PM, thanks.
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