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  1. so for those who haven't worked it out yet me and leon aka nagisa use the same pc and forum account however we are not the same person

  2. so yeah i'm asking my friends to help a player called nagisa he a friend of mine so be nice

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    2. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      i think he was the same person i ttf'd with. i couldnt really help too much though because he is spanish and i dont speak spanish. if we're thinking of the same guy.

    3. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      if it is the same guy i powerlvld him to 17 XD

    4. Remiliascarlet


      yeah thats him also he is english he just a bit quiet

  3. welcome and hope you enjoy yourself
  4. sorry been busy with work and other things

    1. Zero
    2. Zeph


      Not forgiven until we get an RT run in together or something.

    3. Remiliascarlet
  5. yes you type /bank and it swtiches you over to it
  6. once again bun make ppl welcome with giant pink words anyway welcome to ultima feel free to ask any questions you might have
  7. im enjoying my life at the moment

  8. heh first day back and i got a scythe
  9. this this is unexpected ummm bye i guess p.s soorry im so late
  10. hey guys im kinda back due to half term at my collage meaning i have only work meaning more free time woot

    1. shion255


      <(^^<) ^(^^)^ (>^^)> ^(^^)^

  11. is currently on hiatus but will be back

  12. oh wow this is so fun you and your clues keep it up do virdria next XD please
  13. bloody!! brillant!! plus i've already figured out all the locations you can never beat me with a riddle
  14. guess what i got a "new" pc today however...

    1. sunfire285


      omg no cliffhangers please!!! i must know what happens next!

  15. sorry ppl my pc died today and as such i wan't be able to play for a while

  16. well it would appear im a troll now for trying to help ppl -sigh- maybe it's best to leave ppl to be falsely accused then because trying to help them is trolling

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    2. sunfire285


      people who dont like your opinion call you a troll, thats what i think

    3. Tensa Zangetsu

      Tensa Zangetsu

      Don't cry about it. You said your opinion and we got it. It was the fact that you kept repeated yourself several times after the fact that got you that title. Even when it's already solved you stil complain about it, everyone else has moved on, so should you. :/

    4. Remiliascarlet


      thank you very much godric and i agree with what sunfire said

  17. okay fristly one this is my business i am trying to prevent a person from being accused of things he didn't do secondly if this was sub human business it should be in their section thirdly i went there because this item bug has happened to my friend and as such i know that it not caused by a person it just a bug floating around lastly last time i check Darnassiu wasn't a member of your team either meaning it just as much my business as yours okay i am not trying to cause trouble and i am sorry for any caused having a go at me for trying to help will just make it worse
  18. still he might of heard it on an older account who was in your team also random room dcs are common
  19. i have and you still have no right accuse someone without proof it might just of been a random bug not a persons doing the same bug happened to my friend as well and it had nothing to do with Darnassiu
  20. like i said in the other topic about Darnassiu you don't have any proof that he caused the d'c and as such please don't go around spread false accuastions feel free to correct me but only if you have proof he caused the d'c and it wasn't a random d'c
  21. hang on are you even sure that Darnassiu is the cuprit. i looked through all the pictures and saw nothing thats gives proof to what you are saying and also it very possible that he had a lucky guess with the pass word i have guess and got the pass on rooms right many times so i see it you have no proof for your claims yes you items are bugged true but recently thats common due to all the problems false claims can ruin someones fun on this game if ppl claim things without proof.
  22. this is a new bug for me but maybe the bank has intrest rates now XD you will need to see a gm for this
  23. by slots he means in the charather selcet screen which prostion they are in for instance in my case rem is slot 1 while rose is slot 4
  24. -sigh- if you remeber when i had this problem mio mentions theres a bug which means you need an extra 4k kill to unseal it but we had mio unseal mine didn't we
  25. -sigh- seeing as im in the frist part i been drafted so pm if you need me for anything else im good at rising from the dead
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