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  1. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Im ready to Redeem 3 Mags (7 Bronze, 7 Silver, 7 Gold Badges).
  2. Im not sure if theres a forum post about them somewhere but the Item wiki (Top bar of the forums Ultima --->Wiki --->Items) has information about every item: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items&type=0
  3. Valentine's Event 2017

    Im not sure if its the rigth place to post it (I dont want to make a new topic for it) but i made 2 of the new Items: Crush Cannon (Crush Bullet + Black Blue Stone make this Weapon): 200 ATP 50 ATA Class:Shot Gush Special Can (probaly) be used by all Classes. I tested in on a Racast/Ramarl/Hunewearl/Fonewm. Blood Tornado (Bloody Art + Black Blue Stone Make this Weapon): 600 ATP 70 ATA Class:Dagger Demons or Devils Special (i assume Demons since the special of the Crush Bullet also got got Upgraded after using the Black Blue Stone on it) Can (also probaly) be used by all Classes. I tested in on a Racast/Ramarl/Hunewearl/Fonewm. I wont make a Sil Dragon Slayer since @HHawk4 Already made one. He posted the stats in the Shoutbox but i cant remember them so maybe he can post them here and while im at it thanks @HHawk4 for letting me know that you need to use a Black Blue Stone to make the New Items that saved me the PDs and the time ( I bought the Black Blue Stones from Gallons Shop) i would have wasted for a Photon Booster.
  4. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    I just found an Rianov 303SNR-2 in from an Episode 2 Temple VR Mill or OB lily not which sure anymore on Rederia.
  5. Valentine's Event 2017

    Yeah i mean the resistance of the Sweet heart is nice with the adept and red ring im using i get the following restiance values overall: But im not sure if its worth the 207 Dfp it has less then the Love heart but yeah since i need to get a Wedding Dress once i get to 192 anyway ill just use the Sweetheart and save the Pds for the Wedding Dress. Yes i know but the thing is that no one has found one yet and with my luck its probaly faster to just farm the PDs (50 PDs take me arround 2 hours to get) but im since im just gonna use the Sweetheart now i guess i wont need another Heart Key at least not for now.
  6. Valentine's Event 2017

    Thanks for posting this. I though that these items can be combines with either a Magic Rock Heart Key or an Photon booster to boost the Stats/make a new items (since they are Dropping during the event). I ruined my Love Heart armor (if the 396 Defense are correct i didnt bother to check it when the event started) and made an Sweetheart with the magic Rock Heart Key since i wanted to try to use it on a Dual Bird and forgot to unequip my Love Heart Armor.Oh well time to get another 50 PDs and make a new Love Heart i guess. But anyway do the added 20 Ata to the Safety Heart Shield go over max like it does with a Red Ring or does it just count toward max like an Ata Unit ?
  7. Lost Items

    Yes i know normaly i always use the trade window but since it was just 15 PDs, i dropped them i didnt think i needed it and since i trust the person i traded with (we did a few trades already) i didnt use it for the PDs the Crimson sword wasn´t even part of that trade it just vanished out of my inventory after i took the PDs out of the common bank (to get back to 99 since i didnt realy care about the lost 15 PDs) and quit the game. But you are rigth i thought alt+Backspace was the same as quitting the game in the menu and i should have remade the game/changed blocks after the PDs didnt get stacked like they should but i didnt realy think about that at the time.The next time it happens i will do it and i will start to use the trade window from now even for low Value items. But anyway thanks in advance for taking your time to look into it.If you need any more information just let me know.
  8. Lost Items

    Guildcard: 42096829 Slot: 2 Date/Time: 14/01/2017 - 22:25 UTC -0 (arround 30 minutes before this Post) Description: lost arround 15 Pds and an Crimson Sword 0/0/30/35/40 Comments: I was in a room with a Friend and i dropped 15 PDs (i had 99 PDs on my Character) after that my Friend DC´d while dropping 2 Photon crystals and at the same time i dropped the PDs, after he was back i asked him if he got the PDs but he didnt get them (i only had 85 on my char then) after that i took 15 more PDs (it could be 14 but im sure it was 15 which would be 1 more then max) from my Common bank ( i had 38 in there i think) to get back to 99 (since they are for a trade) but when i took the 15 Pds my pds in my Inventory were still at 85 even though i took 15 more from the common bank. After that i Alt+Backspaced out of the game to see if it was a Bug but after i relogged i saw that my Crimson sword disappeared from my Inventory. I already checked my other chars/their banks but it wasnt on there either i dont realy care about the lost PDs (i can get them back fast) but i need the Crimson Sword since it was for a trade. Screenshot of the Sword (i dont have any proofpics of the PDs but like i said i dont realy care if i get them back) :
  9. Ultima Christmas Event 2016

    I just found an Amitie's Memo from Barba Ray on Bluefull (On Vh just incase anyone overead the difficulty in the start Post): I tested Purplenum first and it just dropped an Yamato (The normal boss drop from Barba Ray on VH) incase anyone wanted to try to hunt it on other IDs.
  10. Guildcard: 42096829 Slot: 4 Date/Time: 03.11.2016 19:27 UTC -0 (arround 1 hour ago from the time of this post) Description: Lost 1 of my Noob Hps Comments: I made a room and took my Noob Hps and some other stuff out of my bank too fast after that i crashed and when i logged in again 1 of my Noob HPs disappeared from my inventory i already checked all 4 of my chars but they werent on any of my other chars or in their banks. Im currently logged into that account so if i need to log off just let me know and ill log off.
  11. Common bank on ultima?

    i only use it to transfer my items from one to anotehr char ore for mags pbs i always store my items at character bank never use common bank to store my equips
  12. is there a common bank on ultima or did i just oversee it ??
  13. new on ultima

    Hi everyone im new on ultima played on schtserv before but im trying ultima now maybe im moving to ultima not sure yet anyway hi everyone