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    Demon vulcan
  2. Daycory


    I have yas 7000 80 hit with hell
  3. In society, we have choices that either give us freedom or condemn us. If we take away the ability for people to speak that we do not want to hear. Then we risk one day falling prey to are own criticism. Peace and love
  4. How much for the yaminov 9000 (demon)
  5. How much for a sta and also a price on dark meteor
  6. How much for dm and yaz 9000
  7. You um, got the stuff... (looks around suspiciously)
  8. Hit me with the price on c/b
  9. Daycory

    Lazer-'s Shop

    I’ll grab that orpheile seize
  10. Daycory


    Sounds good, I’ll be on in 3 or 4 hours
  11. I think having op gear, gives new people something to strive for and vets have something to be proud of. 😁
  12. Can some one share link for adding hit and specials. How much it costs, just kinda like a guide
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