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  1. I’m gonna need him to tell me what it is
  2. Daycory

    Close pls

    Hit me up @Ford522
  3. @Kotta u the mvp dog. it even made my screen wider
  4. Dragon scale, I might have one. I’ll give it to you
  5. What are the mods @R-78 is running on her YouTube vids. The quality seems slightly sharper and the hub is dope
  6. Daycory

    S> badges

    I think I need 2 aluminum
  7. Also, I can give you a standstill shield, v502. And a few other things.
  8. “The varieties of religious experience” by William James worth a read if your interested in the subject
  9. I’ll team up with you! Mobius”” What’s your player name?
  10. Ult-ep1-blueful-whitill-nano dragon-cent/tech
  11. Hit me up
  12. How much for ultima reaper
  13. Daycory

    R-78 shop

    I’m about to be on
  14. Daycory

    R-78 shop

    Anti dark ring*
  15. Daycory

    R-78 shop

    Can I buy your adr
  16. Yo Brazilian, samurai armor please 😁
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