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    Python expert (according to Choko)
    Red Ring Rico
  • Birthday 11/19/1991

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    Chuk - EllyFire - SilvAngel - Chuk S.95 - PsychO - MisaMi - Sphynx - SlaYer
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    Evie, Programming and gaming.

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About Me

Proud member of the ultima staff. You can PM me but don't spam/be rude.

You can contact me : 

  • For removing items that causes you to crash in your invent/bank
  • To report a bug/glitch/hacker
  • To tell me I'm awesome/ Just say hi
  • To take a look at your bug topic
  • To talk about new ideas you have for the server
  • To recover your old account based on specific information
  • For general questions you have about the game

Rather not contact me :

  • To ask to lift a ban received from another GM
  • To ask for free goodies
  • To ask for my real name, a picture or any personal info. (Just assume I'm a robot)
  • To receive server coded tools made by me
  • To ask to become a GM
  • To be rude/insulting
  • To set up a PSOBB server for you
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