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Status Updates posted by Dizzak420

  1. Happy New Years!

    1. serverus


      Feliz año diznoob!!

  2. Anybody play Happy Wars on XBL?

    1. Xylene


      No, but I always see you playing it. xD

    2. Dizzak420


      lol kaje, yea its not a good idea to modify your xbox

  3. buenos fajitas

  4. she is by far the hottest asian chic ever
    1. Nami


      music is lol'ed

    2. Dizzak420


      nami you know you would hit that, shes a little bit old for your taste, shes 19

  5. So treefitty how far you gonna drain my rep, you already made it go from 23 to -2.

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    2. Dizzak420
    3. Element


      I will help out to :D

    4. Mattmatt75


      i'll negative rep treefitty for yeah :D (only on post that deserves - rep)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TreeFitty
    3. Zeph


      Dizz... My ears hurt...

    4. Dizzak420


      that guy is hilarious! he does say the f word 300 times too

  6. buenos tacos xP

    1. Biza


      de barbacoa? xD

    2. Larva


      de chorizo :P

  7. So does anybody have plans for the zombie apocalypse this year? Should we have an early pgf event just in case the aztecs were right?

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    2. Red Devil

      Red Devil

      im actually care though :(

    3. THBlackie


      mayans dizz

    4. Dizzak420


      umm yea lol i meant mayans i was just testing you guys

  8. hey are you still interested in that excal 50 hit...and i also have a sphered dual bird that is 35 hit...ur message box is full

  9. I have such an epic tradelist and yet i get no hits wtf xP

    1. Larva


      hahah problably is not so epic XDD

  10. rain berry is the worst flavor of gatoraid ever!

    1. Dizzak420


      lol i spelled it wrong

  11. i got a lot of evade mats if you n need any

  12. Happy b-day dert

  13. wow ur 100, damn old geezer, happy bday

  14. Happy B-day pop...1 more year than you will be allowed to see a Rated R movie legally

  15. you ever make that fire truck team xD

  16. hey syd. me, you, and freedert need to go pgf hunting someday, whatever happend to dj?

  17. Xbox 360 GamerTag: Dizz420 , I play Call of Duty: Black Ops & Mortal Kombat 9, if you down to get killed in mk add me to ur friend list on xbox live

  18. hey im back.. anybody miss me xP

    1. sheldama


      not really....

  19. welcome back bud. shade, nagato, and everybody else that was active left team xD. So i just roll solo these days