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Status Updates posted by EDEN

  1. @RocketTots lives on 970 Park Pl in San Mateo California


    Pls ban I'm itching for my fix man

    1. RocketTots


      do you even doxxx bro?

  2. B> hitless TJS

    1. Grantz


      Sealed J-Sword [0/0/40/40|0] [Kills:9250]
      I may keep it but potentially open to an offer 

  3. S> 24 leather and 27 metal badges 2pd each or trade for bone badges

    1. Kotta


      I want 16 leather :D

      [Edit] Getto Daze! :cr-dance-with-me:

      TyVm! :onion107: 

  4. B> a few C/battles 15dt each

    1. EDEN


      One down, 3-5 to go

  5. B> 2PGF with DT and STA or straight DT

  6. B> PGF dt or DT plus sta

  7. B> PGF/DM

    S> STA

  8. B> Frozen Booster

  9. B> STA 150 DTS

    1. uncutdank420


      this for real?


    2. EDEN


      I'm the realest Eden around

  10. B> DPC, arrest booster, frozen booster, PGFs

    1. JupiterDeMars


      Hey, how much do you offer for frozen booster and dpc ?

  11. B>STA>100DTS

  12. B> D-Photon Cores, Arrest Boosters, Frozen Boosters

  13. B> D-Photon Cores paying in DT. pm me

  14. LOOK AT THAT PICTURE AHHHHH your cheesy ass smile and your beautiful lady, I can't. You did it brother. GG.

    1. Dutch Ride
    2. Trigunman


      Well damn, congrats Dutch!!!   Hope you two are very happy together brother with many years of marital bliss.




    3. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      No babies. Just practice for now ;) 

  15. S/T> Banana Cannon 0/100/100/0|80

  16. PocketThots are you drunk

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Yo we started rewatching Trigun last night. Man it has actually aged really well! So good. Enjoying it all over again. @Trigunman 


    3. Trigunman


      Funny you should mention that @Dutch Ride, I finished all my Trigun Maximum Omnibus novels over my vacation at the beach last month.  Great set of manga!  :onion-head11:

    4. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Imagine reading cartoons 

  17. B> DM any stat

  18. B> all Jack-o-Lanterns

    1. JADE


      I have over 1200

  19. B> SoU with decent stats and/or hit

  20. S> Ganondorf Shield 

    1. Terrybriggs711


      pm me a price id prob buy 1

  21. I miss your musk.

  22. B SS with hit

    1. C01D1


      Salem has one

  23. Serene Swan Nerf Opposition/Retaliation Team [snort] is now recruiting active members for general shitposting and crying over what could have been. PM for deets

  24. S> a bunch of useless weapons aka Serene Swans; message or reply for prices and crying emojis

    1. C01D1


      Ill buy them for 20pd for all of them hurry before it gets buffed again

    2. EDEN


      Too much, nerf your offer


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