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  1. Will there be Sektion-ID restrictions or will any ID get the listed Drops? Happy Christmas Hunting to everyone.
  2. It can evolve at Lv110 with 5/55/50/0. as a exsample Def+Dex = Pow+Mind can make Mag evolve at every 10lvl step after 100. (110, 120, 130 ...). But u will have the 5 lvl more Dex than planned. Its up to u, if that does matter or not.
  3. _Kane_


    As long as where are people who let change Native, Beast, Machine and Dark % in HIT Event Room too, it will take even longer. -.- I think, this can be made all Year.... not needed to make in Event Room.
  4. soly: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/profile/14964-soly/
  5. Wireless X360 Controller has to be on BEFORE starting Launcher and Game. It should be the only plugged in Controller too. Else, Game will "randomly" choose one of the Controllers.
  6. Last times i recognize, it gave reasonable SD levels. Like 41 for 2pb + 2 donations. I think it was because of the Mag IQs. If i will see low SD again, i will ask players about mag IQs.
  7. yes, i think that too. and it somehow a mirakle for me. i doubt that on first day(s) there where thyt much more ppl hunting than other days. but many ppl gave up hunting at all, i think.
  8. I think, that this "not game breaking" is the reason for the few who hunted for it. most people want sta more than other items. on first day of event, there where somehow pretty (nice) much banners, since second day it got less like hell.
  9. LOL like i did say "clean it while running" xD Its somehow clear that the laptop has to be shut off. And blowing pressurized air through Fans without stopping them from turning, can kill the mainboard, like i said.
  10. If u blow into the Airslots, be sure to stop the fans from turning. like put a thin stick of wood or plastics in. if they turn fast, they make electrical energy and can damage the hardware. best way is to clean the fans with a long haired brush. if u dont want to open the laptop. opening it, is best, if u are carefull.
  11. All in same room. Most boss room or the green falz pre stage. I dont know the IQ of the mags. So all IQ 0 would be s/d 1 ?
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