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  1. Ok I have a Mark 3 Mag, places like PSO World says it has to meet certain conditions to give it the Heart of Dreamcast. Instructions unclear, when should I give it the kit?
  2. I mean yeah, we did the last few happy hours with each other straight on STA runs (Sapphire).
  3. Maybe there should be a "ticket" kind of thing on every run for an event, like the Weapon Badges for the Mag event, where we could at least have a shot at rare stuff if we haven't had the luck. Make it the common drop on the end bosses. Hunted exclusively STA and not getting it makes the whole event feel like a waste. From my experience in Warframe and other online games, having some kind of progression thing that is always gained results in better player experience. There was a recent Warframe event where we gained a certain number of points per completion of a run, and these points were what we traded in to get rewards (and some event-only items). So even if the runs didn't give you something good, they would add up to something in the end.
  4. Happens on all bosses for sure, haven't really paid attention to random enemies.
  5. There are certain rooms where's it's just impossible to avoid healing them (like Volt's boss room). I've just been running into that issue more than once during this event and it's very frustrating as it leaves us a person down for the very last stretch of the run.
  6. Set the drops to how they were during the Zelda event so the game feels rewarding to play. Or at least remove the "no drop" chance for high tier bosses like Falz. I don't think this is possible to do, but maybe some kind of "heal block" option to check in the launcher. Something to keep Excal users from being healed by anyone except themselves. That'd cut back on the number of times I've had a user quit in the middle of the run because they were in heal range and I was trying to keep the whole party alive.
  7. I get that the goal of Dar and individual drops is to reduce the overall amount of rare items that are possibly obtainable, but it really sucks to go through several happy hours now with no signs of reds anywhere. The game doesn't feel rewarding to play at all, it's just another slog to Falz. Maseta at least is something, it's not literally nothing for three hours. And before anyone says "just run shared drops" I really, really don't ever want to have to have the fight of who gets something super rare. That's something that leads to player toxicity. I remember how exciting and fun the Zelda event was because the banners were going off fairly often. It made it feel like even though I wasn't getting anything, there was still a chance at least. In contrast I think I saw two banners this latest HH.
  8. Correct, and it seems to only be on one of the characters.
  9. While playing during the event, I suddenly was unable to give any commands other than pressing the home key. I've tried with another keyboard, with restarting the game, and pressing F11, nothing seems to work. The one thing I haven't gotten to attempt yet is trying on a different computer entirely, but that would be really inconvenient if I can't play on my computer.
  10. What are the requirements to use the bow? Just have a cannot equip on my RAcaseal.
  11. Like seriously, there's a button in the caves that just puts up a weird smiley face and two item boxes, and it's not clear what we have to do? Are there two buttons somewhere we're missing? We can get the one badge in the caves pretty easily but after that we can't get passed the button. What does that button want?
  12. Is there a nice, clear english guide for this anywhere? We're short on people (2) and need to know how to do this optimally for some cool mags.
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