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  1. try update game by launcher... when game is items added if it is not updated old names get shifted down to where they would be according to what was added and named wrong
  2. you are not here anymore and i am never know you... but all friends i am have are always say the best stories of you, so i am wishing happy birthday for you today

  3. B> Megid Lv29

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    2. Lucapy


      is 10 pds okay?

    3. Virec


      i  actually just sold this like an hour ago because I didnt hear anything back from you :(  If I find another ill let you know

    4. RocketTots


      I might have this. I'll check and let you know :D 

  4. i am like to sign up also
  6. Water Gun, Ult, Sky, Gi Gue
  7. Water gun very hard gi gue purple ep 2
  8. i am can not say... is maybe D drive, but whatever one is try and whitelist on antivirus Ultima PSOBB folder on it then manually extract Latest Update to that folder and run game
  9. your antivirus is probobly delete the games DLL... try whitelisting folder Ultima PSOBB in wherever is installed (usually C:\Ultima PSOBB) with your antivirus and try game again. you are maybe need to reinstall or update after whitelist... manual update to latest is can be found here
  10. i am have... messege or respond here und i am get to you in game for sell
  11. then dont ask not smart questions like... U ment to make these pd's right? is your choose not to buy but if you are already know is more then 20pds dont ask if was supposed to be 20pds
  12. No... they are custom mags not able to make with mag raising, is would need to redeem 30dts for them or get as mag event so they are more then 20pds by lots
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