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  1. lol yeah i gave up

  2. lol did you give up?

  3. i think i might come back

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    2. djij2010


      lol im a fourm mod now yeah =D

      and think quicker lol

    3. logitech


      just a fourm mod?

      lame -.-

    4. djij2010
  4. Ima miss you logi TT.TT i was a noob when we met T.T

  5. omg u going???

  6. ill miss ya buddy. take care and come back and visit every once in a while xD

  7. opps my mistake i read your meassage wrong had to read it twice more lol

  8. HERO ES PRO!! xd :)

  9. hey my messages ive never had any lol XD

  10. hey sorry i havent been on i think i might quit ive moved on to much bigger and not better things DX well get back to me :) ta ta for now

  11. lol. I normally prefer to keep my friends list small. I guess I trained myself from DeviantART.

    Watch too many people, and your message center gets crowded.

  12. why arnt i on ur friend list XD i feel left out XD

  13. woooOt! 1st comment lol

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