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  1. please pm or post here if you have zalure shot or zalure launcher your looking to sell thank you
  2. B> Zalure Shot or Zalure Launcher for dts

  3. B> Zalure Shot or Zalure Launcher for dts


  4. B>Arrest booster  for DTs

  5. B>Arrest booster  for DTs + items  pm please

  6. B> Arrest & frozen booster for dts please pm me

  7. B> Arrest & frozen booster for dts please pm me

  8. B> S rank zalure  launcher or shot please pm

  9. try running ds4 first as admin then running launcher as admin . only way i can get mine to work.
  10. I have 99 power mats for sale , message me anytime we can meet up thank you
  11. there is a few settings in the launcher that could cause similar problem, can you look in launcher options that IME, cpu reduction, test sever options are unchecked. also not sure that you need to run in win 7 compatibility mode , win 10 runs the game pretty great as is for me
  12. ayyyyy, sounds good i'll def take one , ill be on most of the day tomorrow
  13. buying MM decent stats and hit Pm me please
  14. B> Srank zalure shot/launcher

    pm me please ty

  15. Im not sure that I understand the problem your having exactly , I can give you a great tip tho..... try using a program like "xpadder" or "joy2key" they are free programs and lets you program any controller as you wish . for example I have my traps on L2 and R2 ,stars and trimates on left and right d pad, sol and moon on left and right for the right analog . this will allow your the most custom options when setting up controls , if your controller has any other extra or unused buttons you can program them aswell
  16. Naka card : RED ULT Barba ray ep2 Hand of justice : RED ULT Delbiter ep2
  17. havnt played it in a few years , but id enjoy refreshing on it sometime 😃
  18. IDS is about 300kills to the hidden pd room takes about 5 min and chance at a pd every time , wraith of forest is still good for kills 😃
  19. @kimducking let us know when your around, everyone here on @RogueZ team is willing to hook you up
  20. RogueZ wins! sending her 55dts personally for participating , and bc that people only wanna be little crybabys about a symbol chat and the GM didnt handle it very well, thanks to every one that was rude here about it you are such great people..... you all could have handled it more politely, no wonder Ultima has such a bad repetition in the Pso community for rude players thanks for the REP!
  21. HI! I will gift you One free lvl 200 mag! just let me know if u want mind or power 😃 happy halloween
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