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  1. hello challenger 2229 i have a berserk arms with hit Arms +3 [0/0/0/45|35] [Berserk]
  2. hey buddy good luck finding some centurion powers, and your centurion battle!
  3. lock it for hucast or don't change it, doesn't matter either way honestly
  4. Thx for your tips and insights bro, but I really think HUcast needs a buff and combo unlocked LK38 is a really great option to help make HUcast relevant again. I assure you, I am a pretty decent player, I beat dark falz like several times already. I'm more than qualified to have a respectable opinion (not trying to sound douchey, I want to be friends).
  5. I have a great idea to combo unlock the LK38 and actually balance it. Make it equipable by HUcast only. This way, we can both get all of our favorite item, the LK38 Combat, and buff HUcast at the same time, a class that (let's be honest) seriously needs a buff. Since only one class (that sucks anyways) can use it, it won't oversaturate the meta. And furthermore more people might be incentivized to play HUcast, which has been lagging behind in popularity.
  6. i like to go camping in a nice secluded location with just me and my dad
  7. thanks for happy hour and +1 for my content count
  8. save serene swan

    1. donpepe99


      serene swans nef please

    2. RIPBenny


      buy all yamikoks

  9. Look out for the trolls!
  10. Hey Happy Birthday man!
    We've had a lot of fun times on the forums!
    Remember that time I wrote some rap lyrics for you and you said you enjoyed them?


    Have a good one m8

    1. nnorton44


      Awww this is wholesome af

  11. Lame D'argent (normal drop) Dorphon EP4 Oran
  12. damn you've got some fire flames in here brother
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