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  1. Wanting to buy a Guren with Hit%. Hopefully decent in one or two other fields as well.
  2. Ello everyone. I've been here off and on for a while, but now I'm back in a serious fashion so I figured I'd introduce myself. Name's Tommy, IGN is Daemus (on, well, pretty much every game I play) and I've been in the PSO scene for a loooong time. Started back on PSO v1 on the DC when I was like...11 or 12 I think. This game created my borderline addiction to MMORPGs, but it and FFXI always have felt like home. I played v2 offline when it came out due to the subscription requirement and me being, well, 12 at the time and Ep1&2 on the Xbox both on and offline. Played BB official when it came out for a little while and happened to stumble upon Ultima a few years back. I tell ya, its good to be home again.
  3. Cent/Legs - Ep.1 - Ultimate - Skyly - Gulgus - Forest 2 in Southeast room.
  4. The only most dank doodads. But in all seriousness, just trying to clear out some inventory and work on getting some decent stuff. Doubt I'll move anything except one or two select pieces, but whatevs.
  5. Hello all! New to the whole selling game, so I'm trusting the community to lend me a hand. Trying to get rid of some stuff so I can afford other stuff! Please make offers, as I again have no idea how much to sell this stuff for. Most of this could be considered junk or something to give to a low level alt, but what the hell, might as well throw it out there. Selling: -DB Saber [0/0/30/0] -DB Saber [25/0/0/25] -Blizzard Calibur+4 [45/25/0/20] -Flowen's Sword [0/0/0/20] -Last Survivor [0/0/20/25] -Last Survivor [20/0/0/0] -Last Survivor [30/0/25/0] -Dragon Slayer [15/0/0/0] -Dragon Slayer [0/0/20/0] -Dragon Slayer [0/10/0/30] -Dragon Slayer [0/0/35/0] -Varista [0/0/0/0] -VISK-235W [0/0/15/0] -WALS-MK2 [0/0/0/0/30] -WALS-MK2 [0/0/40/0] -WALS-MK2 [25/0/0/15] -Club of Laconium [15/20/0/0] -Red Saber+41 [0/0/0/10] -Stag Cutlery [20/0/0/0] -Brave Knuckle [0/0/0/0[ -Angry Fist [0/25/0/15] -Angry Fist [15/0/20/0] -Musashi+40 [0/0/0/0] -Yamato+0 [0/0/0/0] -Sange [0/35/30/0] -Sange [25/30/0/0] -Guilty Light [0/0/20/0] -Vivienne [0/0/0/45/30] -Vivienne [0/0/30/0/30/ -Kusanagi [0/0/25/0] -Flamberge [0/30/0/0] Untekked -Graviton Plate (0S) -Select Cloak (1S) -Combat Gear -Regenerate Gear -Three Seals -God/Arm x4 -God/HP x5 -God/Body x5 -Cent/Legs -Megid Lv14 -Megid Lv15 -Delsaber's Right Arm -Grass Assassin's Arms -Rappy's Wing -AddSlot x9 -Rappy's Beak x2 WANTS: PD/PC/DT Kasami Bracer Master Sword Hylian Shield Cent/Ability Cent/Battle
  6. I'll take the Ultima Reaper [0/50/0/30|0].
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