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  1. ya fair. I hunted everything I wanted in my range. i just get abused in seabed and through the crater in ep4. i could just farm lavis over and over again and sell em all to earn PDs i guess. anyways it was nice to revisit CCA, though those damn monkeys chain chain gizonding me till i ran out of sol atomizers and then died was a bit rough
  2. Anything special about the Central Control Area runs?
  3. alright just dm me when youre online.
  4. Looking for a high hit Guren Ill take the best offer, seeing as im not sure of the exact price. Thanks
  5. You on tomorrow? I'll be on from around 9am eastern time (North america)
  6. any bringers right arms left?
  7. I am interested in the adept. Do you still have one?
  8. the 98red ring for 99pd,/15dts. i have 3DTs so i can pay half and half or all in PDs if you'd like.
  9. ya sure what time will you be on next? ill log on to see exactly what i got when i have a minute
  10. k im on from now so, just mail me whenever youre on. ty
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