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  1. anything about the other TYPE weapons? that seemed to be only about TYPE M weapons which apparently you cant get outside of donating.. there were mixed comments. I heard beach laughter is a quest needed in some process of obtaining the weapon. but don't know anything else.
  2. How are type weapons attained? and whats is the process for adding %s to them/is it different from A Rank weapons?
  3. Just a personal note for myself: Don't Trade with FlashBack512 or Damothedevil. They have ripped me or tried to hustle me. 

    1. Auli'i


      "Just a personal note for myself"

      >Proceeds to tell the entire forum


    2. BLACKR0B0T


      wait it tell everyone?? i thought it was only on my profile..I didn't know it'd post it publicly .. oh well, what's done is done. 

    3. Biza
  4. Not sure if this is a quick question or not but, I was primarily a PSO GC player and I remember S Rank weapons were the thing to go for the best of the best in some cases (depending on weapon class). But I'm seeing TYPE weapons here and, well I have no idea how they work or how good they are but from what I've seen they seem, good. Also yas9k can have specials added to them? If there is a post that I can go to or if a quick answer is available I'd be thrilled to receive help.
  5. price check on pow, mind, and luck mats/ pd ratio? ty in advanced
  6. well i feel dumb now for not even looking there... ty <3
  7. Just curious if there is a post with the stats/details of server specific items like godrics and proof of sonic team. I have been looking for a bit but can't find a post about it. any help?
  8. If you knew anything about down syndrome you wouldn't have worded your post differently. Between that and your lack of understandable English, you aren't really expecting to be taken seriously right? People are writing their opinions and thoughts. You're borderline spamming. Please try and be constructive.
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