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  1. PDs are found randomly, but once you get to lvl 100, you can participate in a quest to get a or after a very hard stage is finished
  2. I can hop on and help you here in a bit. Just post what your name is in the topic
  3. Well, everyone on here is quite generous, and gives some decent stuff to new people. Just make a group called "NEW PLAYER" or something along those lines, and im sure someone with some stuff to give will join. As far as leveling, a very popular quest is TTF Ultima, which is available at the guild counter under the ultima category. It has a short part of each area along with each boss to kill, and is quite easy. I hope you find this helpful.
  4. Name is sentinel, I have enough badges for 2 mags
  5. Do I post here to redeem a mag? If so, I would like a red sati all pow My name is Sentinel, if that is what you need to verify.. Guild card is 42016120 I have enough to redeem 2 mags right now, but I'm getting more to get gold
  6. Hey selah, I'm talking to RRR and mud. Red just gave me 21 odd, but thanks for the help!!
  7. I looked online if anyone could refer me to a GM. So far, no luck
  8. Card #42016120 I went to withdraw 7 photon drops, and it logged me out. When I got back on, they were gone. Name Jonathon slot 1 5/20/17 8:37 pm
  9. I went to grab my 7 photon drops out of my bank. I got logged out, and when I logged back in, they were gone.
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