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  1. Same, but i do get 30fps just major lag when merissas apear. also with overcrowded rooms. posting here to see solution as well. sorry I'm not helping. GL to us lol.
  2. you're not the only one, I am experiencing this every time I level up any of my characters. I have heard many others complain as well.
  3. So like cyane said, I want to be effective tomorrow. Anyone who can clarify will be appreciated so that I can be in and out of the event room quickly. I have an UR 50/0/30/45. I want to add hit to it but it already has 3 attributes. Would the machine be split and added to native and dark, or be gone for the hit instead? Thanks in advance.
  4. Can anyone confirm having found a Lame, on ORAN, pioneer spirit 1player quest? I have literally killed thousands and on happy hours. Still no luck. Thanks in advance.
  5. Well yeah, excal too, but what I mean is making all the other sabers a little bit more fun and useful. Even gladiuses and busters. Thats why I said 2 targets you know intead of 3, to not mess with those two high end weapons.
  6. Too lazy to read all the old stuff, maybe someone mentioned this, but how about after level 200 you can restart the character and get to eat infinite mats to max out all stats? Too crazy?
  7. Can we make every saber type weapons hit 2 targets instead of just 1? Many simple sabers would become much more useful and fun to use.
  8. What happenned to the 5x exp? Its gone...
  9. Is 3xdrops and 5x monsters only active when on HH, or all the time? Thanks in advance.
  10. Can the lame and sjs be unsealed even if you get them by donation? Thanks.
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