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  1. and of course I miss my chance, stupid work. XD
  2. Where can I go? I dont see a room for the event in the lobby
  3. So, it'll be the upcoming weekend, June 15th-16th? Or next weekend, June 22nd-23rd?
  4. Since I dont want to make a new thread, I know you can't get a free special on a TYB, but you can get a special on a Sword of Ultima for free... does making a SoU with a special into a TYB remove the special, or does the special stay after the change?
  5. I think there's something up with the charts. I just found a Glide v.00 from a Ultimate Bluefull Sinow Zoa
  6. Update: I tried pulling out useless items to fill up the inventory, and pulling out the 30th item makes the char d/c
  7. I just got an account and I was having issues getting stuff out of it's common bank, crashing almost instantly when opening said back. I managed to get everything out of said bank into character banks, which have been fine, but when I looked at the character with the viewer, there is still an unknown item in that bank as well as a monomate, and one unknown item in the character's inventory, despite that both are empty ingame. This has me concerned about taking items into other accounts of mine. On this account there were a few ???? items in the common bank, as well as a massive stack of Earth Wand Brownies that I removed and left to be deleted Here are the images of the ingame inventory and common bank being empty, and the char reader finding the unused items being in said places. Here's the other image that couldn't fit:
  8. So it's a faust weapon for HUs... and why is it bad, then?
  9. Has anyone found out what Frozen/Arrest boosters do? All I've heard is that they're bad.
  10. Oran - Dorphon Eclair - Ult - Crater Bannana Cannon
  11. Is someone gonna make a dropchart thread like previous events?
  12. Or you could show some restraint and be courteous to your fellow players. Also, there's still the loss of mag syncro when dying, even with a scape doll. And perhaps said player lost their scapes to the BS of Falz's Rafoie/Rabarta spam that can chain hit you to death if you lack the EFR/EIC boosting gear for Falz's 2nd form before hand.
  13. I'd like to add one more thing regarding Falz's third form. For the love of everything holy, stay together in one spot! It makes it easier for the forces to heal and revive people. High level RAcasts can facetank the nigh-undodgeable orbs Falz shoots for others and survive a potential double hit. The arena is too big to stay spread out.
  14. I feel like a good chunk of these people who attack during Falz's soul share know this, but don't care. To them, it's faster to kill the player, revive them (some only do that if they feel like it), and keep wailing on Falz.
  15. I don't know if this has been brought up before: Give Newmans a higher mat cap, like 200. The TP regen they get for standing still doesn't even come close to compensating for the 100 fewer materials they get compared to humans, or all the fancy stuff CASTs get for their shortcomings.
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