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  1. Larva

    Triforce Event 2021

    Event has ended. Thanks everyone for playing and hope you got fun!
  2. Niceee ! sorry took me time to get back to you. ill send pm in discord.
  3. friend request sent Man your channel is great, we should o some videos or something for1 ultima...
  4. TRIFORCE EVENT 2021 The 9th Triforce Event of Ultima has begun! Event Items Swords Master Sword Boomerang Magic Hammer Great Fairy Sword Bug-Catching Net Power Glove Stealth Sword Guns Bomb-Chu Sacred Bow Canes Fire Rod Zelda Magazine Units Centurion/Arms Centurion/Luck Centurion/Power Centurion/Resist Godric/Ability Shields Hylian Shield Ganondorf Shield Triforce Happy Hours will be logged here. Credits to @TheIronSheik for banner Event will end on September, 29th of 2021 - Good Luck -
  5. Hello everyone , we are in look for someone who can help us with the general art that we use for the server, such banner for the events, and also we want to change the images in game Lobby and other stuff. anyone who wants to help ?
  6. PSO2 rates already were already increase to promote the multiplayer. What else do you suggest?
  7. Lets talk about this with more details, send me a PM over discord.
  8. hey bro I want to donate 100 bucks through paypal but it ain't working do you accept bitcoin? 

  9. Larva

    Summer Event 2021

    Jajaja after all this years that quote still sounds familiar .
  10. Ok there is a lot of information here, And a lot of different opinions very informative and interesting. I understand the frustration of some, and I read you. Now wherever happens here I want to be very clear that I'm not the only one deciding here, my voice is just one more voice as one member of the staff, is been like that for so long. If Wilson on his own decide to step down that's up to him. Staff still need to talk about this. In the meantime we have enough information, so topic will be close to avoid more conflict between users. Thanks
  11. What soly mentions it's actually the correct reason of why we have the blocking.
  12. do you have any customization added to the game? ENB series? skins? custom music ? etc.
  13. can you please run the following command and post the result please.
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