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Custom Textures and Other Files


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This topic is just to have the how to's more accessible.
Early note, if you use any programs linked in this topic you do so on your own and we are not liable for any damages they may cause to your computer.

How to use custom textures (and models)

Create the following directories, they start from the game's root folder
Ex: C:\Ultima PSOBB\

C:\Ultima PSOBB\data\items\texture
C:\Ultima PSOBB\data\items\model

Use the AFS Manager to extract the textures you want from ItemTexureEp4.afs
Be sure to extract them as .prs, if you extracted them as .bin, just rename them to *.prs

An example of a file name is: File 1.prs
The file naming convention is as follows:
The word "File", followed by a space, followed by a number (texture ID), ending with the extension .prs

Once you are done extracting the textures you will use, place them inside the custom folder of the respective type of file (model or texture) and you should be good to go.
You can find which model and texture an item uses in the item page on the Item Wiki.

- I did not test models, but they work the same way as textures so it should be fine... if you experience issues using custom models please let me know.
- If you experience continuous crashing, double and triple (yeah 5 times) check that your texture is not corrupted, if you are absolutely positive that the texture is fine, please report it to me and also upload somewhere the custom textures you are using.


How to use custom HUD font

This is the font used when you do damage to the monsters or use charge special, etc.

Go to the ./data/ folder, make a copy of texturejapanese.xvm, rename it to texture_custom.xvm and modify it.
That's it, the game will automatically load it.


How to use custom rare drop sound

Go to the ./data/ogg/custom/ folder, make a copy of rare_drop.ogg, rename it to rare_drop_custom.ogg and modify it.
That's it, the game will automatically load it.


How to use any other custom files

Just replace the original files.
Anything that is not updated by the server can be overwritten.

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If your item texture comes in the form of an AFP patch, follow this guide.

Apply the AFP patch
In this case we are using a Psycho Raven skin



Write down the ID of the patched file, 114 in this case



Search for the imported file and export it as PRS



After you exported the file, you can place it in the folder  ./data/items/texture/


There is a problem with certain AFP patches, like this one, they are based on the wrong skin, or rather, we updated the skin certain items use (only custom items) to avoid some texture errors. Makers of the AFP patches should update the texture they are targeting but that's out of our control.

If you are using custom textures for our custom items, you should check that your exported files have the correct texture number.
You can do so by looking at the item wiki, in this case, Psycho Raven uses the texture 449, so we just rename the file to File 449.prs and it should be fine.

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