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  1. So none of these items are drops right? I can't exactly hunt for any of these? They pretty much all need to come from the black paper quest or be bought?
  2. I feel like I'm useless 80% of the time on a lot of the bosses/big mobs that fly or move out of melee range, Falz/Gryphon/Del/Etc. What should I be using to hit them as a Hucast? Against most mobs I have traps and my reaper to be useful. Should I go hunting for a particular gun? At level 125 I currently use: Ultima Reaper No Hit Boomerang No Hit Vulcan with 25% Hit (usually the range is short of hitting flying bosses) S-Red's Blade just for the S/D if nobody is around to buff me Black Hound Cuirass God/Arm God/Arm God/Arm Heavenly/Battle Standstill Shield Any advice on what I should hunt?
  3. Hucast Suggestions

    As a follow-up: At what point should I start doing the Black Paper quest to try and get some of the important equipment like Smartlink?
  4. Hucast Suggestions

    I'm in the same situation with a Hucast too and was about to make a similar topic. I just got to ultimate for the first time and I feel like I'm in a tough spot where everything I want is deep in Ultimate difficulty. I'm currently wearing 4 God/Arms, haven't found a single rare armor or shield yet. It feels like my best weapon is a Vulcan with hit% I bought from the shop.
  5. Thanks! I tried playing as a FOmar on the gamecube and found him really lacking, but I switched to a new character around when I got to ultimate so I never got to the point where I was really maxing his stats with the right rare equipment. I forgot RAmars get S/D. What's this about switching to a different skin in the lobby?
  6. Does anyone have suggestions for good classes to make up a 2 person party? I'm looking to play through fairly casually with one other friend, don't really intend to ever have a 3rd or 4th person join in. We both played forces way back on the gamecube and want to play again, but I think we'd like to avoid playing forces another time. Do we really need someone to be a dedicated force? Maybe instead we can use one of the hunters or rangers that can use S/D?