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Felipe Celis

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    Tomoka Minato Lover
  • Birthday 05/30/1991

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    Umillo/umi/Umi/umi v01/Ako../kelvin./Nekonya/umi;/-Arnval./Umi
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    Tamamo No Mae / Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight / Disgaea / htoL#NiQ:The Firefly Diary / Mugen Soul / Mugen Soul Z / Fairy Fencer F

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  1.  Feliz cumple shaba :3 q lo pase muy bn ^^/


    Edited by Felipe Celis
    1. Mirajane Cruz

      Mirajane Cruz

      gracias men! haha con un neko y todo! XD 

    2. Felipe Celis

      Felipe Celis

       si hahaha nom nom q lo pase muy bn!!

      Edited by Felipe Celis
    3. Mirajane Cruz

      Mirajane Cruz

      hahaha gashia gashia! ^o^/

  2. S>PBC 10 dts

    1. jesus007


      Umi eso vale mas D:

    2. Felipe Celis

      Felipe Celis

      uyy cuanto mas 7u7?


    3. jesus007


      con decirte que vi  a un tipo que lo vendia 25 dts  ylo compraron y otro lo vendia a 40 D:

    1. viollama


      do you have any more tunes similar to this one? :D

  3. S>kroe sweater 15 pds

  4. S>kroe sweater 15 pds S>sato 5 0 49 146 20 pds S>glide divine 20 pds

  5. S>kroe sweater 15 pds S>sato 5 0 49 146 20 pds