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  1. Awesome! ^^ I hope to see you in-gane soon.
  2. Sweet, all that's left for you to do is play and hunt goodies ^^ (maybe get a controller) A lot of people will just use a xbox or ps3 controller, I need to try it.
  3. Yes ^^ Now click on the online.exe then type in your username and password. If you haven't registered for your guild, here's the link: http://phantasystaronline.net/register.php Note: please write your username and password down so you don't forget it ^^
  4. Hello and welcome ^^ I find the keyboard just fine, you will get accustomed to it. Here is a navigation link: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9823-navgiation-topic-useful-links/
  5. That blows bad, they will get you all fixed up, just be patient and it will be back in no time ^^
  6. No problem, if you want to suggest something or want to know what lobby music is playing, refer to this link for updates ^^ Link: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1628-music-on-lobby-new/page-1
  7. For this event, the jingle bells were replaced by Phantasy Star Universe's Christmas lobby music. ^^
  8. I can't believe people still do that and are that rude, this game is about having fun and playing with "nice" people. Akio, i'll be on about 20:00 mountain time ^^
  9. Who is they? I'm sure you will do just fine, we should RT later if you got some time after i get off work ^^
  10. If you want to enjoy it, go on hunts to collect all the things you like. Try new quests that you've never done before, government quests, etc. ^^ If you're trying to reach 200 just do sone RT runs, but not too much because you will get exhausted xD
  11. por favor, no te vayas Buena suerte en sus aventuras ^^
  12. You're the winner Frost506, I'll add you in my PM and enjoy your tickets ^^ Thank you everyone who posted, you guys are all awesome ^^ I will give you all cake if you find me in-game
  13. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy enjoy the server even more from your absence! ^^
  14. Well i voted yes on this topic to have rates and ID's up. All of us are busy and have life's outside of the PSOBB Ultima server and don't have all the time in the world to hunt everything. It really would be nice to have the rates/ID's up for when an event starts for maybe give it to us a quarter of the way in. It would just be really nice to know since we're all busy ^^ EDIT:My friend Riot is not "mentally retarded or something." It's not nice to just mess with people like that.
  15. English: So i feel like helping someone out, the person to come up with a "catch phrase" that i like will get $20 in donation tickets to redeem. Post what you think will be a good phrase that i will love/like. Posts will end Saturday at 5pm (Mountain Time) I will look at them on Saturday and announce the winner then ^^ Happy Phrasing xD Spanish: Así que me siento como ayudar a alguien, la persona para llegar a un "slogan" que me gusta recibirá $20 en billetes de donación a redimir. Publica lo que crees que va a ser una buena frase que voy a amar / similares. Mensajes terminarán el sábado a las 17:00 (hora de la montaña) Voy a verlos el sábado y anunciar al ganador luego ^ ^ Feliz Phrasing xD
  16. Welcome the server ^^ I hope to get a few rounds with you in-game! Take off your shoes and stay a while. This is under construction but the Exclusive Items are done with Pictures; http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/10353-psobb-item-effect-ie/page-1 Some of the Item Prices: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/10584-ultima-price-guide-v2/page-1 As for your "Fine Print" we can help you hunt some xD
  17. Thank you Andres for throwing this Mini Event, some people can't donate for hit since that is the only way to get it besides enemy weapons. I hope you will continue to throw events such as these to give people a chance to get hit on weapons ^^ +1 Rep to you!
  18. I'm not actually sure what happened but when i was transferring items, two of my items went missing after i logged back in; Asteron Striker and Heaven Punisher. GC: 42109773 Slot: 1 Pictures below: I don't remember the stats on the Heaven Punisher but it didn't have hit, i remember it being 0/10/0/25/0
  19. Parasitic Gene Flow>Greenhill
  20. Psycho Bridge ATP 395-600 ATA 65 HP +100 EVP -80 Tech boost Rafoie 85% boost, Rabarta 95% boost , Razonde 85% boost (Psycho Wand is 45%)
  21. Yea....what Nessly said..lol Welcome and enjoy your stay!
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