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I never realize how much my parents love me, because they never tell me they love me or give me a huge or kiss. still to this day I haven't gotten that love from my parents. I finally understand. when I had my own children. I tell my kids I love them everyday and kiss and huge them every single day of my life.

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I think I am gonna cry

I never realize how much my parents love me, because they never tell me they love me or give me a huge or kiss. still to this day I haven't gotten that love from my parents. I finally understand. when I had my own children. I tell my kids I love them everyday and kiss and huge them every single day of my life.

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Same as King... The awesome people i have met here! :onion86: I cant ask for more :onion-head72: ... share more with some than with others but i think i can mention here Squish, Cyane, Evie but not only from the team, also KajeX and Chuk :onion112:

Something funny, i started to learn guitar after being punished (i could only go to high school and back to home lmao) like 7 years ago, by that time was not funny :onion-head87:

Michael Mann... what about you? :onion-head71: ...you started the topic ;)

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There is too much to say about my life so I'll keep it PSO-related.

Long story short, like probably everyone here I've made good and bad experiences since I joined this community.

The best one definitely was meeting Clown, whom I am now engaged with :P

Life is known to tell the most beautiful stories. Even if at some points life seems rather tragic, and full of regrets, hopeless, dark.

If I had the chance to turn back time - I would do the same all over again. ^_^

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Thank you for this topic!! You rock dude!

To start off, every single person I've met on this server has left me with strong impressions and great memories, or a chance to grow as a person.

Michael you took me in on unbreakable, my first team. I was so nervous when I got recruited I think I was addressing you as sir for weeks xD. Thanks for the help, hope I can repay you someday.

Peppacat once let me have a 35 hit Asteron Striker when it dropped. He said "here, I know you've been hunting hard for this, now go brag to the lobby whores." This generosity was powerful to me.

Angel and Xylo never got along. They would both PM me talking trash about each other while in the same room until they had this interaction.

Angel: "I can sense spirits, and I always know what my mom and my step dad are dreaming about"

Xylo: Oh yeah? What are they dreaming about right now?

Angel: "My mom is dreaming about her high school years and my step dad is reminiscing on his time in college"

Xylo: So they're both dreaming about suckin dick?

(everyone including Angel explodes into hysterics)

When I was a kid my mom and her friends set up a weekly dance where me and my friends could all bring our favorite Cds and dance like maniacs for hours. It was 100% request so I got to hear what kind of music everyone liked and see how they vibed to it. I can clearly remember blasting my smash mouth CD when it was my turn. I also remember my weird and embarrassing dance moves which back then I had no fear of showing off. One mom commented saying Aiden! You are like a little whirlwind! I was embarrassed, but my dancing skills have remained to this day.

Everyone on my block had their own spot in my tree. The biggest tree happened to be in my backyard, and I guess me and a girl down the street started a trend cause we used to hang out in it all the time. I was 9 years old, but Darienne and I had a weird sort of romantic relationship long before either of us understood what was going on. I remember being magnetically attracted to her and for some reason found beauty in her more masculine qualities like the skate shoes she wore. I also loved her long hair. She had the first CD I ever saw HANSON: "middle of nowhere". We made up our own secret language and wrote love letters to each other. We also hid away in the top of her shed and kissed. I would leave flowers on her doorstep in the morning. My birthday was in April and hers was in May and one day in her garden and she said to me "April's showers bring May's flowers." And if you use your imagination, this little saying is true in more than one way.

Youth group was every Friday though I wasn't religious. I wanted to go because my friend down the street went. We made friends with two girls. They stole our chain necklaces, then made us give them piggy backs while they showed off their lighters. They were slightly materialistic and smelled like cigarettes, but they were refreshing. They had rebellious attitudes and spoke for all of us when they challenged the teacher on all the bible stories we had to sit through.

There was also a day we watched the movie hard ball. When the kid was shot I cried and I glanced over at my friend and he was crying too. I knew he would be crying. It was special because most of my other friends were younger but Ben was older and I didn't totally understand him. I was shocked to see him cry.

The drawing table at church was the hangout spot where me and all my friends used to draw. Everything was in dragonballz / anime style of course! Doing it together was what made it so fun because I wanted to inspire my friends. One day I went home and gave it my all. I drew the angriest most fierce hero I could imagine with tears of rage pouring out of his eyes, and when I showed everyone the next day they were all in awe and the drawing table was more lively then ever.

When we were camping my friend came across a piece of bamboo and we made a bow and arrow so powerful our wooden doweling rod arrows would stick in Trees. It was a weapon far too powerful to be in the hands of 10 year old kids but we had no interest in teasing or pointing it at anyone. We just used our imagination and went on adventures. I remember as soon as I would get to the beach I would fire an arrow into the sky.

Halloween was hard for me until I was about 14. Countless years dressed up as Link with my own hand crafted master sword but not being allowed to leave my front lawn. We did have our own Halloween at a farm and when it got dark it was INTENSE. We played all kinds of hide and go seek games in the barn. We also made our own lanterns and would go on lantern walks through the country side in the middle of the night. It was dark, mysterious and full of a wonder I can't describe.

Choir also created strong memories and I grew a love for music. Some of my first favorite songs were from nut-cracker, and the little drummer boy. I liked to sing and I loved Christmas carols.

I made my first wooden sword when I was very young. My dad saw I had an interest in them and cracked out the old history book to look at concepts. The first one was mostly him, but soon after I was using the Jigsaw and a carving knife on my own. My favorite thing to make was bows and arrows. Sharpening every wooden arrow, sliding it into the holster and setting out on an adventure onto the snowbanks. I can clearly remember fighting thousands of orks, sending my deadly weapons whistling into every snowbank in sight.

When I was about 12 I was part of a fencing club. Me and my friend would literally slash at each other full force with metal sabers. (not the stabbing style fencing called foil and epee) This was the right place for me to bring my wooden swords and even some of the parents would swing them around and admire them. The older kids were my idols. They were awesome at drawing, I used to sneak around trying to catch a glimpse at their sketchbooks, I remember seeing a naked fairy girl and soon understood why it was a secret. They also exposed me to magic the gathering. We used to all hang out in the back room and blast Linkin Park.

Though I was a functional teenager this time of my life was completely overwhelming. I did nothing right but I guess couldn't be a sheltered, home schooled boy forever.

I'd like to hear yours!
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Those stories were really touching...

Where to start, there has been way too many moments. Let's me try to name a few starting with the good :D:

There was a time I had to choose what I wanted to study for my a-levels which was basically the pre-university phase, I was really good at economics but had a certain attraction to medicine; it was the night before and I had to submit my paper the next day, stressed I decided to go out for a walk, my dad came with me, and wanted to help me out so he told me a story of what happened to him in the clinic; how one patient started crying from happiness from finally being OK since a few years (diagnosed with Hep. C and Cirrhosis, got a transplant and is still doing well to this day); I wanted to see that happiness in people's eyes, so I opted for Medicine and that changed my life completely.

Moving to Africa for a little bit, was also a life changer, dealing with people who have nothing made me appreciative of what I have, and I am thankful everyday...

Graduating Med School was by far the greatest day of my life, that and the graduation party ;). Just seeing my family looking at me proud meant the world to me.

Deciding to play PSO:BB for a second time on a different server led me here, where I have met the most wonderful people, and the most glorious of team mates anyone can ever hope for. Getting into the PRO Team, and then leading has left such a positive impact on my life, knowing that there are people out there whom I can rely on and cherish (and I to them as well) makes me thankful for them everyday. Some names however, Serverus, Saith, Soly, Maya, Haro, Ev, Whoopin (whom sadly quit), Cyane, Chuk (who helped me with my first bug), Masaki, Nei and many many more ( I am sorry if I didn't mention you, the list was going to go on forever, I love the PRO team and most of the people on the PSO community :D). Scarlet has been a recent joy to chill with. Shout out to the other teams, their leaders and their players. :)

I totally agree with what Fatboy said about parents.

A sad one, I have a lot of those but this is getting a bit too long xD:

The day my Uncle was gunned down, was probably my first real introduction to losing someone close to you, He was young, but since that day I always feel like I am living my life for myself, and him and all the other people I have lost. So I try to regret nothing, and do the things that made me happy. So thank you..

Anyways sorry if it was too long, there are too many stories and if someone looks at their own life in general, they will find A LOT that has impacted them. Thank you for allowing me to share a little.

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My life changed when i brought my first kid how home my baby girl then a year later got married to my high school sweet heart and 4 years later i brought my son home i fell hat my life is complete

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Something that really hit me really hard and bad was when someone I loved and loved me back died (it wasn't a family member) I was really depressed and in the border of suicide, but decided not to do it, I didn't wanted anyone that cared about me feel like I did.

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