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  1. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    you should probably shut up and search for the pgf, the dark weapons are the best weapons in the game thats why the rate is that high.
  2. Confirmed Christmas Drops - 2016

    how many runs!
  3. Confirmed Christmas Drops - 2016

    Did u did it with shared drops ???
  4. HBD raf!!! TBH idrk u but we should level some chars together

    1. rafelulas


      haha thanks man, it will be a pleasure, let me know!

  5. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    Skyli comfirmed asteron striker!
  6. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    any other confirmation on asteron striker????
  7. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    any drops confirmed yet? like asteron striker?
  8. A > Blank iron Faust

  9. anyone selling psycho black cristal or proof of sonic team?????

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    2. R-78
    3. rafelulas


      hmm i have pds and a blank iron faust, maybe we can make a deal.

    4. R-78


      Sorry I don't want the Iron Faust as they should not be blank

  10. bugged rage da glace

    hi, i just got into my account that had my new rage da glace and aprarrently they are bugged now. hope anyone can help me. Guildcard: 42093732Slot: 4Date/Time: dont really remember cause havnt played for like 2 days in this char.Description: got back today and it was ????
  11. anyone selling banana cannon?

  12. Buying glide divine!!!!!

  13. anyone selling invisible guard or asteron striker?

  14. B> POST and asteron striker PM