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    Hello to all players and members of Ultima server. Ultima's staff is looking to fill a position. The position is related to media promoter and publisher. For more details send me a PM here with your social medias profiles and any experience in the position. Whoever decide to apply must have experience in content creation, social media engagement and advertise .Been able to work in different platforms. for more details send me a PM, giving details in the above experience and how with a brief brainstorm in why you could be the one for this position. Thanks.
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    You could use Ultima's test server in order to generate your items and levels, register here then in the Launcher options check Test Server.
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    I'm making the drop table this time around. Please write the item, episode, monster, section ID and difficulty, so I can compile the info for other players to see. I'll try to update the drop table at least once a day. If there's a (c), it means I confirmed it as well. Nessly's drop chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HTHccov3hYACXWGIRVln0xH7PnyOdIksT3jbYVul8yU/edit#gid=2110169300 Centurion/Body Very Hard Episode 1 Sinow Beat or Gold Viridia (c) Ultimate: Episode 2 Indi Belra Pinkal (c) Viridia Delbiter Yellowboze (c) Episode 4 Astark Whitill Yellowboze Centurion/HP Very Hard Episode 1 Some monster in mines Bluefull Ultimate: Episode 1 Hildetorr Redria Viridia Episode 2 Indi Belra Greenill Purplenum (c) Episode 4 Del Rappy Whitill Redria Girtablulu Greenill (c) Centurion/Luck Ultimate: Episode 1 Hildelt Bluefull (c) Hildetorr Skyly (c) Oran Episode 2 Gran Sorcerer Viridia Ill Gill Whitill Pinkal Episode 4 Astark Redria Viridia Fury of the Beast Ultimate: Episode 4 Girtablulu Yellowboze (c) Redria (c) Whitill Skyly (c) Girasole Ultimate: Episode 4 Kondrieu Viridia Skyly Godric's Cloak Very Hard: Episode 1 Pan Arms Bluefull Ultimate: Episode 4 Dorphon Éclair Purplenum Whitill Skyly Harmonic Resonance Core Very Hard: Episode 1 Garanz Bluefull Redria Pinkal Ultimate: Episode 1 Baranz Whitill Viridia Bluefull (c) Kiss of Death Ultimate: Episode 2 Ill Gill Yellowboze (c) Delbiter Whitill (c) Pinkal (c) Olga Flow Viridia Kroe's Sweater Ultimate Episode 2 Olga Flow Greenill (normal drop) Whitill Episode 4 Dorphon Éclair Yellowboze (normal drop) Proof of Sonic Team Ultimate: Episode 1 Dark Falz Pinkal Episode 2 Gal Gryphon Purplenum (c) Skyly (c) Samurai Armor Ultimate: Episode 2 Olga Flow Skyly (c) Pinkal (c) Yellowboze (c) Soul Booster Ultimate: Episode 2 St Million Skyly Stellar Shard Ultimate: Episode 4 Saint-Million Redria Viridia Shambertin ALL IDS Kondrieu Whitill Yellowboze Redria Purplenum Oran (c) Sue's Coat Ultimate: Episode 2 Deldepth Redria Greenill Pinkal (c) Yellowboze Virus Shield Vol Opt Ultimate: Episode 1 Vol Opt Skyly Pinkal Whitill (c) Water Gun Very Hard: Episode 2 Gi Gue Redria Ultimate: Episode 2 Gi Gue Yellowboze (c) Redria Viridia Pinkal (c) Normal Drops Ultimate: Episode 2 Gal Gryphon (Gal Wing) Greenill Bluefull (c) Whitill (c) Gal Gryphon (Red Scorpio) Viridia (c) Official Event topic: Last year's drop table:
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    It just occurred to me, but I believe on Ultima the base stats of all classes were boosted by a fixed amount. If I find the announcement, I'll link here. Take the above chart as reference only (that's based on official sega psobb server). 😅 Sorry, don't mean to derail your thread. As far as ultimate team my vote goes to: Slot 1: FOmarl / FOmar Slot 2: anything other than FO Slot 3: anything other than FO Slot 4: anything other than FO
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    So it sounds like you might be saying there's really no innate advantage to one Fo over the other? Well, there are innate advantages to certain FOs (see below chart and especially notice the highlighted fields). I would say use their innate perks / stats to cater to your preferred playstyle and select gear around that. Many of the super effective Ultima gear is equippable my many classes. Check out the link I sent you before coupled with the item database to see what's worth getting. Though if we are wanting to avoid damage cancel and nuking is less effective, fomar and fomarl are going to be your better shooters and meleers correct me if I am wrong. Those are my thoughts too! FOmar/FOmarl are great choices for FO melee/range damage (FOnewm too, but to a lesser extent). Best to choose a class that has weapons/armors/class perks that most closely match the play style you get most enjoyment playing. I feel that FOnewearls' very high MST isn't enough to make her shine. Tech weapons with damage % multipliers (think Psycho Bridge, Psycho Wand, Sorcere's Cane, Glide Divine V00 and the like) are more effective at increasing nuke power than MST points alone. Her support boosts to Resta/Anti alone are outshined by FOmarl's. Penetrating megid is only occasionally handy, and there are a couple weapons that you could easily switch to get the same benefit (Demonic Fork, Ultima Reaper). Besides EP1, most enemies high such high element resistance that even with her 1.3 boost to the simple spells, she'd do more damage using powerful melee (Tyrfing, Vivienne) or range (Sacred Shot, Bringer's Rifle) weapons than spells for attacks to single enemies. In fact, probably her best strength is probably her ATA. She could most effectively use demon's weapons (Slicer of Fanatic, Bringer's Rifle) though.
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    Toutes les informations connues concernant les drops d'évent sont sur ce topic Personne n'a pour le moment confirmé la localisation des Virus Shield Vol Opt.
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    Thank you so much! I though the test server wa only up when the admins were testing stuff or needed player to test stuff! Signing up now! Thanks again!!
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