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    I like the AXE idea. There’s also the weapon Berdysh. Should remain androind only. I believe I pitched the berdysh Idea in the past like an upgrade of it but never was looked at. I know people are sick of combiners but it’s nice to think of one more. Emewn guard with a upgraded berdysh a challenge your manhood needs
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    While we're at it lets make psobb into a sidescroller. I've always been a fan of them.
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    is there a way we can have mag battles mag vs mag ? would be pretty cool maybie i should just play pokemon. alsoooo i think there should be more slots to your inventory as ive advanced from noob into semi pro i like to use more guns and i keep finding myself full especially when i got my cure freeze and cure shock on me.
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    Waiting for my cat to have babies. I want to name something "Juandissimo".
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    @Larva Not sure what this game is, but in my opinion they have done a really good job with their skins. Ofc it would be important that the skin makes the Axe look bigger to give an impression that its a really heavy weapon that is hards to swing, but once you get it into swing it will tear everything apart lol Even an enhanced version of "Twin Chakran" could look something like this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item&id=003600 And ofc.. Rhita: Edit: Since berseker Axe how about double saber attack animation? That way it will give the impression the user got into a crazy rage just like the real viking berserk mode histories. I have seen this attack animation working on katana, not sure it that can be done on an axe tho.
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    How about a new great Axe for hunters? Axes are on the oblivion, those weapons need some love. I can be named as the "Axe of the berseker" or "Lord Ragna's Ax". An Ax that can hit as many targets as DF but with zerk/charge special Or "Rhitta" an axe that becomes stronger during daylight and reaches its peak power during mid day.
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    Reverser range is never gonna happen lemo. Just give up lol
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