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  2. having to transfer cent battle, mag and rr between accounts
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  3. Will go camping with me soon. Is also a cuckasauras rex Sent from my LGMS500 using Tapatalk
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  5. Well, to be fair. I remember there was a vote not too long ago, where an overwhelming majority of 80% of the community voted for making PGF an All year drop. I think none of the players complaining would really bother about the droprate, if that would be the case. But instead of giving some profound reasoning the problem is/was ignored or swept under the carpet. Like alot of things on Ultima. Yes this is larva's server, but it wouldn't exist without the community. Sometimes you have to or should meet halfway.
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  6. So you are telling me, if PGF is available for 21 days, you would need to farm 8 hours a day for all 21 days in order to 'expect' to get one by the end of the event... AND only assuming you are able to make well timed consistent runs? 8 HOURS A DAY!? and that's just to an average! God forbid you spend 8 hours a day and still not get one.
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  7. People asking to buy things you don't even have listed in your topic/status update.(This is probably a personal problem lol, I know)
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