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  1. Chriscal


    Hello, I haven't played in a while and I've decided its time to sell my STA. I have some other good gear as well High Hit Lindcray, Glide V0 etc.... As I'm not playing much anymore, I'm not looking for DT's. If anyone wants to offer anything other than in-game items or DT's I'd be happy to trade some of my gear.
  2. So during the Christmas event last year 1 of my noob/hp was lost in the common bank, I made a post in this section but nobody responded. I didn't care too much because I still had 4 left. Just recently however, all 4 of my remaining noob/hps evaporated after putting them back in common bank. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Unfortunately, during the last event I was unable to obtain a MR with hit. However, I was able to obtain other good event items. I am willing to trade all 3 (Slicer of Vengence, Glide Divine v00, and Lindcray (all 0 hit)) for a single MR with hit. looking for an MR with 40+ hit. PM if interested, thanks!
  4. I actually really liked this event. Yes, event drop rates were steep (especially MR and LS, considering what they are worth) but it beats farming TTF or RT 100 times a day. Also there was a wealth of different event items worth getting so any time I logged in I felt like there was always more to get. I definitely had more fun with this event than I did with christmas event, TY Ultima!
  5. After taking a noob/hp out of my common bank my game crashed and now it has disappeared =(. Plz help.
  6. I think level 15 S/D for humar and level 15 J/Z for ramar would be a good idea. XD
  7. So, someone told me the RR max stats are different on Ultima then PSO world. What are the max stats for a RR?
  8. can heavenly/technique increase technique level above 30? Is there any reason to use it if your techs are maxed at 30?
  9.  hi. for C/B    as offers?


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