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  1. So during the Christmas event last year 1 of my noob/hp was lost in the common bank, I made a post in this section but nobody responded. I didn't care too much because I still had 4 left. Just recently however, all 4 of my remaining noob/hps evaporated after putting them back in common bank. PLEASE HELP!
  2. I actually really liked this event. Yes, event drop rates were steep (especially MR and LS, considering what they are worth) but it beats farming TTF or RT 100 times a day. Also there was a wealth of different event items worth getting so any time I logged in I felt like there was always more to get. I definitely had more fun with this event than I did with christmas event, TY Ultima!
  3. After taking a noob/hp out of my common bank my game crashed and now it has disappeared =(. Plz help.
  4. So, someone told me the RR max stats are different on Ultima then PSO world. What are the max stats for a RR?
  5. can heavenly/technique increase technique level above 30? Is there any reason to use it if your techs are maxed at 30?
  6.  hi. for C/B    as offers?


  7. So my home internet is very shotty. I often have to use my phone's hotspot to get good internet. When I do this my internet is great! but when I boot up PSO, I can usually connect ok, but when trying to join a room it always crashes. Sometimes it will say "Server is full" before I even get to character select, and sometimes it will crash when selecting a ship. Whats the issue?
  8. I didn't want to bring that up because I wasn't sure if there was another motive that would justify such an unbalanced rate and I wanted to see if Soly or Larva would chime in with any substance. But I agree, it definitely appears that way.
  9. Thanks night, there is no reason to be sorry. I understand that luck is involved. Statistically speaking though, luck is involved less and less as the rate becomes closer to 1/1. ROFL! That is gold!
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