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  1. I actually really liked this event. Yes, event drop rates were steep (especially MR and LS, considering what they are worth) but it beats farming TTF or RT 100 times a day. Also there was a wealth of different event items worth getting so any time I logged in I felt like there was always more to get. I definitely had more fun with this event than I did with christmas event, TY Ultima!
  2. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    amrose oran
  3. So, someone told me the RR max stats are different on Ultima then PSO world. What are the max stats for a RR?
  4. can heavenly/technique increase technique level above 30? Is there any reason to use it if your techs are maxed at 30?
  5.  hi. for C/B    as offers?


  6. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I didn't want to bring that up because I wasn't sure if there was another motive that would justify such an unbalanced rate and I wanted to see if Soly or Larva would chime in with any substance. But I agree, it definitely appears that way.
  7. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    Thanks night, there is no reason to be sorry. I understand that luck is involved. Statistically speaking though, luck is involved less and less as the rate becomes closer to 1/1. ROFL! That is gold!
  8. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    It does make sense, I have alot of respect for you and as such, I would never patronize you, so please don't patronize me. What it appears that you are saying is that the rate could be 1/2 and you could still technically never get it. Thank you, I do in fact understand the way rates work, but that does not justify making an absurd rate of 1/341. My point is that a rate should be something you can expect to achieve. For example, if the rate was 1/2. You should at least be able to complete 2 kills of "Insert monster here" by the time the event ends. That doesn't guarantee everyone a drop, I know, but at least the average person can expect to get one if he puts the effort in.
  9. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    So you are telling me, if PGF is available for 21 days, you would need to farm 8 hours a day for all 21 days in order to 'expect' to get one by the end of the event... AND only assuming you are able to make well timed consistent runs? 8 HOURS A DAY!? and that's just to an average! God forbid you spend 8 hours a day and still not get one.
  10. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    Let me get this straight, on average it will take someone 341 runs to get ONE PGF? Is it even possible to farm RT 341 times with non-PGF assisted gear during the course of the event? My point being, noone can 'expect' to receive this item in the given time even though some will get lucky. This is even more unreasonable especially during the holiday season. I feel like its important to state that other PSO servers have the rate faster than 1/100 and its available year round. Don't get me wrong, I love Ultima and will preach all day that it is the best server in existence by leaps and bounds! As much as I am grateful for all the things this server does for its users, 1/341 drop rate is just a mistake. Why shouldn't Ultima strive to be the best server in every way and have a reasonable rate? Shouldn't the rate be even higher if its only available for 1 month out of the year? I'm sorry Ultima, 1/(anything above 100) is unreasonable and is fitting an agenda that does not benefit its player-base.