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Easter Event 2012 Question


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Hello guys. Since this is my first Easter here in Ultima server I have some questions (for GM, Larva, or whoever know it lol)

  1. Any info when will start and how long will stand ?
  2. Will be any Happy Hours or Rare Monster boost during event? Sheduled or random?
  3. What will be the drops for EggRappy? The regular ones or will be implemented any new or different?
  4. For veterans, how is Easter Event here in Ultima? Just changing rappys from VR temple or adding something else?


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1. Easter event will start on Abril 5th and will last till the last day of the same month.

2. Yes Happy hours will around (randomly) , and for sure some weekends we will activate rare monsters

3. not sure about the drops yet, but I i will post details about the event whenver is active.

4. just the rappy's . and some customs drops to the rappy. and the rest of the above post.

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