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  1. Make that 3 PS and I sell you mine.
  2. Still want DM or you done with the game?
  3. How much you selling Zanba or Ecal for?
  4. How many Pds for Rifle if I add Three Seals if you still need?
  5. Ok but I'll want 3 S ranks with specials for Pwand
  6. How much for S-Rank Rifle with Hell? see my tradelist too.
  7. Yeah, you want they yours I acttually have 60
  8. Lol shall I change to Daylight Robery 30 HP Mats for 6 pds
  9. got offered 5 sorry, and sold
  10. Just the 1, have a Red too
  11. I have a Pwand what does that get me? 4 S ranks with specials?
  12. Later dude hope u find something to fill the void.
  13. If you are still playing i Offer Heavens Punisher 35 hit for FTD
  14. Cool let me know when u on next i will be back home 10 hours from message
  15. I'm selling for 48 pds
  16. Cannon Rogue 0/0/40/0/40 - 8pd cent/ability - 6pd cent/ability - 6pd Charge Vulcans 40hit - 4 pd S-Beat's Blade 50hit - 5pd Monkey King Bar - 2 pd Rage De Feu 40hit - 5pd V502 - 11pd
  17. LK is combo unlocked on certain beats 650-700 and 000-050. but maybe alternative to MM?
  18. Don't think this L&K38 combo lock makes sense! Why make an item useless?
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