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Show your screenshots

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Soly.. great screens hahaha i'll have to save those for later!

(oh snap this is my debut forum post).

I should do more screen shots with you <.< :D

Welcome to the forums, officially! xD

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Armando!! ...where can i get that lobby skin??

You can find it here srojasq, http://pso.univers-ps.com/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5?cat=17 , i think the skin armando is using is the Skyline Lobby

Aqui muestro como soy parte del team mas viejo de todos actualmente y de unos de los q fue de los mas viejos ya q lo desisieron por un tiempo xd/Here i'm showing that my characters are in the actual oldest team and one that was one of the oldest but it banished for sometime xd


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Look what we got for valentine's day!!


i know isn't the best angle, but... who cares

It is a BIG fat LOVE RAPPY :onion-head65:

(look at me with those charge vulcans :onion120: )

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redbox12.gifDark Flow:

[100%Native / 0%A.Beast / 100%Machine / 0%Dark / 90%Hit]

redbox12.gifTsumikiri J Sword:

[100%Native / 100%A.Beast / 0%Machine / 0%Dark / 90%Hit]


[0%Native / 100%A.Beast / 0%Machine / 100%Dark / 90%Hit]

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