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  1. Finals birthday finals birthday sadly no birthday celebrations.. only finals ;^; PSO i miss you.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      Happy birthday. I look forward to meeting you in game.

    3. Cyane


      happy bday!

    4. Soly


      Happy Birthday!!

  2. Desktop back on tuesday!

  3. I get a computer back next week yay!

    1. Soly


      Awesome!!! ...have been a long time without you here!!

  4. Need a Mew Shaymin and Jirachi Dx .

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nei


      ahhh i need them i did manage the celebi D: it's cute. <3.

    3. Nei



    4. Nei


      Welllllll one day you'll have to play pokemon stadium mini games with me.. then you'll meet your maker.

  5. I pity the fool.

    1. Soly
    2. Trigunman


      Bwuahahaha, haven't heard B.A. Baracus's line in a while!

  6. I think he's twelve.

    1. Trigunman


      I wish I was twelve again sometimes... *sigh*

  7. Hot or Cold?

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      dont listen to Cyane...COLD! lol

    3. King Ra
    4. Soly


      Hahaha!! cold ftw!! ...well... if you're freezing you can drink some hot chocolate and go into bed or something... but, if you are burning, what are you going to do??

  8. Well this post is a little late.. But better late than never I suppose. Hello, Name: I generally go by Nei or Tiananmen (other name i use). But my real name is Sara. So thats fine too. Age: 21 (each time im asked how old i am i always have to double check.. its easy to forget haha xD). Preferred contact method: Forum messages is fine.. I also use Steam for a lot of chatting. I have posted my skype... but currently forum messages is the best way to reach me unless you want to find me via skype. Then feel free to do so. Hobbies: Other than playing phantasy star.. i play a whole bunch of other games have almost every system hooked up and ready to go. (sans an xbox one). Music.. learning languages.. (trying for 12). Picture: See profile. A little more about your self: I live in Canada it's quite nice here.. on the west coast. (Although sometimes chilly) I was an avid PSO player on Gamecube but this is my first private server. I have joined the PRO team! I play a whole bunch of different games,, I sometimes find it hard to balance all the games i'm playing.. A big time sink is World of Warcraft as I raid 3 nights a week for roughly 12 hours in a week. I run 2 guilds and am an officer in a third. I also am currently playing Pokemon and working on my dex (I do feel bad for running out on animal crossing though). I work full time but manage to avoid having much of a social life. I spend my days either playing musical instruments or video games. I play guitar, bass,piano,flute. I also sing and teach music theory. I'd really like to learn the harp. I'd rather spend time in playing games then out at a social event (Large gatherings of people make me anxious.. not to mention they smell bad when cooped up in a room). I also am planning to return to university to finish a degree majoring in linguistics. As well as a comp sci degree. and a TESL (teach english as a second language) certificate.. Which i then plan on utilizing to live in japan with. I also have a pretty awesome dog.. he's kinda great. If you have anything you'd like to know feel free to message me at anytime! -Nei
  9. Waaaaaahhh my claw went poof T^T ...

    1. chrisNL


      my paw went POOW !

    2. Nei


      Nooo good.

  10. Someone come tuck me in to bed zzZzZzz.

    1. Nei


      Ahahahaha too good. ♡.

  11. playing me some pokemon x and y almost done my dex!.

  12. Soly.. great screens hahaha i'll have to save those for later! (oh snap this is my debut forum post).
  13. Making those V-day gifts!

    1. Trigunman


      I can haz V-day prezunt? =^3 =^_^=

    2. Nei


      hahaha maybe if you're lucky~!

  14. Make like a tree and get out of here!

    1. blitsen


      What did the shepherd say to the his sheep ? lets get the flock out of here :D

    2. Nei


      haha so great <3.

      I also didn't mind the: What did batman say to robin before getting in the car? "Robin get in the car!".

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