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Out of boredom I wanted to see what this guy would sell his 40h demon type shot for and this is his response. His offer really wasn't all that bad it's just how he handled it and clearly doesn't understand the idea of bartering. This is for everyone's entertainment and mean no ill will.






    James    well good luck let me know oif you buy tpe shot
13:16:48    42211942    Cornbread    idk what your price is
13:17:03    42091323    James    well it has to be 30 dt or more it has hit?
13:17:27    42211942    Cornbread    its true but you have to take a buzz cut off since you can make one
13:17:38    42211942    Cornbread    for that
13:17:41    42091323    James    how are you going to make one
13:17:43    42196129    Nalga       hi
13:17:49    42196129    Nalga       final pacman
13:17:50    42091323    James    plus special cost 15 more dt
13:17:51    42211942    Cornbread    you farm it from max attack
13:17:57    42211942    Cornbread    and special is 10 not 15
13:18:02    42211942    Cornbread    I have a 0 hit one
13:18:08    42211942    Cornbread    not hard to get
13:18:14    42091323    James    ok well i can tell your not affording so its cool
13:18:26    42091323    James    my minimum is 45 dt
13:18:27    42211942    Cornbread    I can definitely afford it but I want to pay fair market price
13:18:34    42211942    Cornbread    not the same price its gonna cost me to make one
13:18:44    42211942    Cornbread    I have a 0 hit demon type shot sitting in my bank
13:19:03    42091323    James    good luck youll see its not easy
13:19:11    42211942    Cornbread    lol... I already have one, it's not that hard
13:19:27    42091323    James    then why do you ask me to name a price
13:19:36    42211942    Cornbread    because I would sell mine and use that 1
13:19:39    42091323    James    and if you offered? lol get real kid. buy
13:19:43    42211942    Cornbread    instead of adding hit to it
13:19:53    42091323    James     then do it
13:19:57    42211942    Cornbread    clearly you don't understand how the market works
13:20:04    42211942    Cornbread    you shouldn't sell at the same price it takes to make the gear
13:20:15    42196129    Nalga       ty
13:20:24    42091323    James    i know you sell it for more ask nalga
13:20:30    42211942    Cornbread    I literally bought a 80h hell shot from hawk for 35 dts a few weeks ago
13:20:37    42211942    Cornbread    it costs 70 to make it = buzz cut
13:20:37    42091323    James    so its actually worth like 50= dt
13:20:43    42211942    Cornbread    its really not
13:20:45    42091323    James    ok good luck
13:20:50    42211942    Cornbread    it costs 30 dts to add 40 hit
13:20:54    42091323    James    you dont really know what your talking about
13:20:54    42211942    Cornbread    and 10 to add special
13:20:59    42091323    James    thank you nalga
13:21:08    42211942    Cornbread    its okay, ill just screenshot this conversation and see how the forums feel
13:21:21    42091323    James    i am leaving he is anoying me trying to argue what someone shold pa
13:21:30    42091323    James    its actually only worth what some one will pay
13:21:42    42211942    Cornbread    It's worth what it takes to make the weapon and a buzz cut off lol

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straight up> thank you for conversation stats? ehh minus the cost weird i miss the veteran status from being 10 years. ill tell you what we settle the market problem of paying more than value of hit. because the weapon it self has trade value and purpose. Thank uo + rep ? help .ew

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20 hours ago, Clappy said:

13:19:03    42091323    James    good luck youll see its not easy


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