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New Year Cards 2019


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This time, our favorite pets also want to celebrate the New Year, so New Year Cards will mostly be used to upgrade your mags!


Here are the offered services.


- Photon Blast Change

Price : 5 NYC
Swap or add a Photon Blast to any of your Mags.

- Color Change

Price : 5 NYC
Change the color of any of your Mags.

- Point Relocation

Price : 5 NYC
Add, move, or remove one point from the following stats: DEF, POW, DEX or MIND.


- Mag Type Change

Price : 10 NYC
Transform your mag into any other existing mag.

  • Only the type changes
  • All other stats are kept from the previous mag (including the color)
  • Must provide Mag cell if there is one


- Weapon Hit Addition

Price : 20 NYC and 60 Photon Drops
Add 30 hit to any of your Weapons.

  • Cannot exceed 70 hit total on a same weapon
  • No Dark weapon
  • Hit splitting allowed
  • Attributes relocation on redeemed weapons allowed



You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts.


:mag: Happy Mag Year :mag:

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Just now, Kraven202 said:

question, with 15 NYCs would it be posible to take a baby mag, put 5 NYCs to make it 200 atp and then 10 to make it into gael giel?? (providing the mag cell of course)

no, it's a single stat point, not 200.

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29 minutes ago, Sergio2kx said:

y como consiguo las nyc? 

durante el evento de navidad

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