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more things 4 sale


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selling stuff

Hell TypeGU/Mechgun 40 hit - 20 dts.

Soul Booster x3 - 10 dts

Chromatic Orb x3 - 10 dts

Magic Rock "Heart Key" - 5 dts or 30 pds

Parts of Baranz x3 - 3 pds

Bringer's Right Arm x16 - 5 pds

3x Adept - 20 pds each

Bewb's Costume - 10 dts or 60 pds

Guardian Angel Costume - 10 dts or 60 pds

Hylian Shield - 10 dts or 60 pds

Anti-Dark Ring x2 - 10 dts or 60 pds

Wedding Dress x2 - 10 dts or 60 pds

Karma S-Rank Zalure Shot - 20 dts or 120 pds

Blood Tornado +33 100/0/0/0|40 - 20 dts


Looking for PDs/DTs. Also interested in a max MF N/AB/Hit if anyone has one for trade.

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HI, Send me Bewb's Costume for 58 pds? .....I found more 2 pds in other char ^^ lucky ..soo 60 pds is your!  send me pleeease i beg you!

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