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Ten Years Online Ultima!! Happy Birthday!!

It's been 10 years already ... :onion-head72: never expected this little project to grow so big, to a point of having a 10th anniversary. Again like always I want to thanks to all the member who play's here, who enjoy the community and for actually create a community. With controversy's, dramas, but also with funniest and happy moments. This server have give different things to everyone, we have even held wedding ceremonies. We are a server were even parents play with their kids. Hopefully we get to stay around another 10 years !! Another 10 years of killing rappys:onion105:

Of course i want to thanks also all the member of the staff who have been around @Soly @serverus@Fyrewolf5 @kajex @Lemon @R-78 @chuk yeah chuk is till around believe.. that brings up @Choko who is more active than chuk :D lol. Also to the friends who have help us. @FALC0N for the banners of this past events! thanks man.! everyone here its grateful to you for your artwork.!

Thanks to all for been here !! with out you guys we would be here!!  LONG LIVE TO PSO!!!

Enjoy the event.

With no more further ado, we introduce the anniversary event. We have added 3 new items, hope you guys find them and like them.

  • Photon D-Core
  • Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag)
  • Sonic Team Armor
  • Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange
  • Tyrfing  (weapon idea by @Fyrewolf5 )
  • Sonic Magazine
  • Hand of Justice
  • Ten years Blades

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