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My ugly shop :)

Moiy Sanchez

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Hello selling those items to get new ranger gear since i sold a mayority part of the one i already had so there is it

Selling :

  1. Galatine 0-0-0-45|60
  2. 0-0-10-100|0 Rambling May ( good one for hit event, don't loose it !! )
  3. 0-0-80-80|70 Rambling May+50
  4. Black King Bar+80 100-0-0-100|80 ( for 85 dts or trade for something cool )
  5. Master Raven 45-30-0-25 ( good one to make a pr 100-100-0-100 )
  6. Guld MIlla 0-0-60-100|80 ( good offers please its my only one and its hard to get ) This are on demand of 4 users for now, pending trade with 3 but no reply still.
  7. Dual Bird 60-0-0-90|0 ( get this for the next hit event on november to put alot of hit and make it a super usefull one )
  8. Demon Yasminkov3000R+60  40-0-0-40|50 ( 30 dts ? )
  9. Heaven Striker+8 0-0-0-100|0 ( good one for hit event )
  10. TypeHA/HALBERT+90 0-0-0-0|35h ( usable by rangers and hunters plus 40 of base ata )
  11. Magick Rock Heart Key x13 for 5 dts or 33 pds each item
  12. Blue Black Stone x8 for 5 dts or 33 pds each item ( got more for the party! )
  13. Sange & Yasha 0-0-0-0|80 ( 25 dts? )
  14. Chargue Vulcan+9 0-0-0-20|85 ( good offers on this only )
  15. Angel Harp 80-0-0-100|0 ( good one for hit event don't loose it :) )
  16. Stellar shard x1 ( for 15 dts or trade :D )

Soon new weapons.....


  1. Arrest needle 50+ hit only don't care about stats
  2. Kiss of Death 50+ hit only, dont care about stats
  3. Water Gun 50+ hit only  ( huge want )
  4. Chargue Yasminkov9000M 80h only no other stats
  5. Photon Drops/Photon Spheres/Donation Tickets ( huge want )
  6. S-Rank Gun (with zalure special only )
  7. n0ob/hp ( pls bring it back ;-; )


Trading my Yasminkov3000R with 70hit and hell special for a 7000v 70h and hell or AS 70h.

im trading my Dark Flow 0-100-0-100|70 for a Dark MEteor+25 0-100-0-100|70 or one with atleast 50hit and any other 100%s stats plus 15 donation tickets  Done DF trade, ty.

Trading x10 Magick Rock Heart Key for an Arrest needle 70h no good stats, or a Water Gun 60hit i don't care about stats

NOTE: This will be my most recently shop so ill be updating this list every time i get more new items and i also will be online ingame as one of my characters listed in my profile information but ill be at forum mostly of the time so send us a pm if u need something or want to sell you cool ranger stuff, good luck on huntings.

Edited by Moiy Sanchez
Updated wants and marked sold items :)
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26 minutes ago, hanasolo23 said:

I'll buy Guild Milla. PM me



6 hours ago, yeyy said:

I bet your shop isn't as ugly as me:)

isn't :D jk


6 hours ago, Kolective said:

I'm sitting on a large cache of grinders. Should be able to provide a fair amount.

thank you but i got grinders now :D


12 hours ago, O9B066 said:

bru you dont need this, i need it lol tryin to msake a set hahaha i always see good lists too late!


thanks for the trade :D


9 hours ago, Gui said:

Charge vulcan?

good offers only :) 

Mille Marteaux are sold and Gae Bolg too so BUmP!!!

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