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12 minutes ago, Last Dragon Lord said:

it say that its possible to get addslots but i don't see a single post on any player confirming this...

i used to get them on VH  after u get the 2 pds at the end u go back to mines and fight volt opt and in the boxes would often be 1-2 addslots

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Oi, curious question about this quest.
Back when I played It [during Easter Event] I remember to see a room that leads to a... electrical pillar? [where a dubchic spawns. It's the same as the one where a gilchic spawns where you can possibly get the crystals, but this one just seems like a mystery only :0];

And, there's also 4 floating things In the room where Baranza/Garanz spawns In the center floating platform (and there Is the room next to It with the box In the air that has a possible PD, too). The thing about those floating things Is that when I cast razonde, they start bipping Intensely (I guess Intensely :D), and then, they start floating up then silence up until they disappear skyward (Another mystery :0).

Just wanted to know If there Is something about that stuff, like hidden secrets that are yet to uncover, or they were meant for something else that never met the Ideals and then left a mystery? :onion-head66:

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[detailing the disappearance? :3] (... wait, It's a facility >.<)
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This room is meant to introduce the "Gillchich generators" as it should be the first one you see in the quest. Nothing more.

Those are only easter eggs / random things that are useless for the most of them (there are a lot in my quests), but good that you noticed, there is actually one that no one never noticed I believe, is that you can play the first corridor room of Mine 2 in the dark.

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