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Another from Schthack


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Hello, my name is Aegid, I played on schthack some years ago, only to find recently that my characters were all deleted (with everyone else's). So, nice to meet you all, the server looks stable enough so that's good!
Also, looking for a Hunter power mag if anyone has an extra one, all I have to offer for one is a Yamato, though xD
Anyhow, looking forward to play here :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome all.

Welcome I remember you from scht, I think I have a spare mag I can give you, hit me up when ya see me

I also remember yours, and will definetely do :)

Hello Aegid,

I also remember you from Schthack. I have some spare units and gear that I can give you to start off:)

Hope we can meet in about 9 hours from the moment I sent this message :P (currently at work)


Great to hear :) I'm ready when you are :)

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Hello! I am also new to Ultima server. I played Pro for GCand still do to this day. But as we all know, I can't bring them here. So I have restarted and reinvented them. You will see me on Aurica, JENOVA, or D34-7H. Look forward to meeting and playing!!

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