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  1. you plugged in the controller and let windows detect drivers ? once you do that start the game and see if PSO detects the controller in the settings i have 360 standard controller and it works i bought a new controller the other week similar to the 360 newer but it dose not detect
  2. The thing is it's i say again a PRICE GUIDE nothing offical says you have to sell at a sugested price. Not happy try grinding them see how you go. Also 8 in 15 mins no, or your lucky i gind them and it's more like 8 an hour for me my avarage is 30 ish in a whole 3 Hr HH
  3. yeh i had the same problem i just stated canceling the update still dose it but game plays fine
  4. You got it fixed then ? i think you have the game client running now yes ?
  5. Yeh when i say hundreds i don't mean 1 or 2 i mean hundreds and hundreds i could have said thousands but i don't tend to exaggerate also i know there is a few in hod but i doubt there are hundreds either
  6. How sure is the Dark Bringer ep 1 ult bluefull Lindcray drop has anyone found one ? is it a high rate seriously been killing hundreds of Bringers and nothing not even so much as a PD
  7. did you get one i have some BPD ravens if you want one
  8. Have you tried rebooting pc with the controller out then plug it in before launching PSO ? i get a lot of issues like that with my controllers more so with Euro truck but that cures it
  9. Confirmed rianov-3 Ult Ruins Bluful Gran sorcerer
  10. Nice to know what they all do
  11. Whats the PD offer for the souls ?
  12. if your still looking i have mind mats
  13. i have 150 mind mats you want them ?
  14. @R-78 Thanks it seems something like that happened and the Arrest was not showing until i re logged @Lemon yeh i thought it had more % but i was mixing them up so seems all is good just never had this in all my 16 years of PSO phew
  15. i,m going to check first maybe the stats are right and it's my Millies that have those stats , but that was a weird one it was defo gone from both accounts till i relogged
  16. No i has Soly make them with those % with DT's i bought but just give me 5 to check my other weps that stats for that i'm unsure , i thought there were more but i might be mixing up with my other weps
  17. @ Lemon ok i logged in the Arrest is there now it wasn't when i logged off but those stats are wrong i think let me check my other weps i had % added to 3 i forget what wep got what
  18. i didn't see any arrest on slot 4 plus that stats are wrong ? my needle Arrest had 100% Native 100% Dark and 80 hit i bought this % with my DT's
  19. Both accounts are offline now i didn't change block at the time , i logged in to check still a red handgun
  20. So i transfered my arrest needle to slot 4 on my other account used it for a while then when i went to transfer it back it showed up as a red handgun no needle in either account plz help Guild card 42110248 slot 1 is my main who had it and tranferd to Guild card 42161084 slot 4 , and turned into red handgun when returned
  21. Was that a standard run or the new TTF mode seems everything in the new mode and quests zapping more than normal
  22. So your not selling then , seems them are trades ?
  23. Yeh my bad running 1680 x 1050 my PC rez is set at 1900 x 1050 my monitor won't support 1920 x 1200 if i got above 1050 is when it starts playing up
  24. Well i have the game running 1900x1050 and it's fine there think i will stick with that for now i am looking into a new monitor soon so will be a mega upgrade and i hope will cure all my issues
  25. No i don't use anything ,all standard, weird thing is i tried to video the problem but it doesn't show up on the video it all looks normal ?
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