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  1. you plugged in the controller and let windows detect drivers ? once you do that start the game and see if PSO detects the controller in the settings i have 360 standard controller and it works i bought a new controller the other week similar to the 360 newer but it dose not detect
  2. The thing is it's i say again a PRICE GUIDE nothing offical says you have to sell at a sugested price. Not happy try grinding them see how you go. Also 8 in 15 mins no, or your lucky i gind them and it's more like 8 an hour for me my avarage is 30 ish in a whole 3 Hr HH
  3. yeh i had the same problem i just stated canceling the update still dose it but game plays fine
  4. You got it fixed then ? i think you have the game client running now yes ?
  5. Yeh when i say hundreds i don't mean 1 or 2 i mean hundreds and hundreds i could have said thousands but i don't tend to exaggerate also i know there is a few in hod but i doubt there are hundreds either
  6. How sure is the Dark Bringer ep 1 ult bluefull Lindcray drop has anyone found one ? is it a high rate seriously been killing hundreds of Bringers and nothing not even so much as a PD
  7. did you get one i have some BPD ravens if you want one
  8. Have you tried rebooting pc with the controller out then plug it in before launching PSO ? i get a lot of issues like that with my controllers more so with Euro truck but that cures it
  9. Confirmed rianov-3 Ult Ruins Bluful Gran sorcerer
  10. Nice to know what they all do
  11. Whats the PD offer for the souls ?
  12. if your still looking i have mind mats
  13. Happy Birthday AHH ^.^

  14. i have 150 mind mats you want them ?
  15. @R-78 Thanks it seems something like that happened and the Arrest was not showing until i re logged @Lemon yeh i thought it had more % but i was mixing them up so seems all is good just never had this in all my 16 years of PSO phew
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