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Larva's Son Playing PSO.


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nice one larva, if ever i have a son i hope he will play PSO too. btw nice keyboard i got the same one XD

thanks to all folks for the positive feedback, and yes the keyboard is nice xDD. g15 a gift from a friend xD. with my super mouse g9 :P lol

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Lol, funny stuff. In the video I look like the king of xD's. Larva, like i said before your son is pro, Larva left out the part where we died continuously after he got on the controller, lol. Great times, look forward to more of em.

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Sin duda una nueva estrella del PSO, pronto sera mas PRO que Larva. Tendras que hacer un OGG pack de Michael Jackson para tu hijo se motive mas a la hora de jugar xDD

PD: Larva tiene voz de un colega que conozco xD

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no se por que pero al ver la genialidad del video me imagine la escena esa del rey leon...

"Hijo mio algund dia todo lo que toca el sol sera tuyo...."

*el sol resplandece el lobby*

"y que hay de la parte obscura???"

*sale la arena de olga flow*

"al nivel 200 eso tambien... XD"

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lol Larva, I remember when I played with him.

Mr. PSO Prodigy. xD

He still using that L&K38 Combat?

Or has he mastered combos on the weapons?

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