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  1. the changes i can remember of the top of my head are: slightly increased max stats custom drop table (some items are removed except for events such as parasetic gene flow) custom exp system new quests apparantly a kind of prestige/rebirth system is going to be implemented hhmmm.... thats all i can think of right now although there's probably more differences. btw welcome to ultima
  2. this seems awesome, i like the prestige idea. cant wait to see this implemented! (even though i have no lvl 200s lol)
  3. thanks chuk, unforntunatly im not good at making trailers or anything but theres plenty of talented and creative people around here. is the big surprise.... we all get chocolate chip cookies?
  4. hiya guyz! havnt been here for about a year if i remember correctly, but i miss PSO too much so i have come back. i used to be kinda active on the forums a bit too. hopefully i will be here until PSO2 is released in the UK! i wont be in-game that much becasue i have a huge list of games to complete, and i play world of warcraft and silkroad online revoloution as well. plus all the anime i need to watch. so im 18 now, im doing an apprenticeship as an IT professional and i am still poor. has there been any major changes? i noticed we have a drop chart now which is awesome. also how is the current conditon of ultima? what i mean is are we still growing and does it look like ultima will be around for loads more happy years? shout out to djij, vypor, r.a.v.s.o, davell, larva, choko, zynetic, draven, kireek, kairi and all you other guys i used to see on the forums alot! so yeah here i am, great to be back and look forward to fun times and crazy conversations. oh and feel free to add me on steam (Elite_Hacks) and facebook (Ted Procrastination Fey).
  5. welcome to ultima, just remember to ignore forum spammers and djij haters. XD
  6. dragonsl4y


    welcome to ultima! i also played ep 3 but when i pre0orderd it i expected it to be the same as pso ver.2 on DC like my brother had. obviously i was very dissapointed when it was a card/strategy game, i only played it for about 6 hours then never really touched it again.
  7. laughing at those screens just made my day! +1 rep
  8. welcome to ultima! hope u enjoy it here as much as i do
  9. welcome to ultima, have fun on the server.
  10. the closest drop table to ultmia's is this as far as i know, hope it helps. http://chokoserv.sylvanet.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=227&start=0
  11. im told this is the closest to ultmia's drops: http://chokoserv.sylvanet.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=227&start=0
  12. Hack = Ban simple. good luck wherever go next.
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