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Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14


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What's up everyone,

I know its a holiday week, but I managed to get off the entire week including the weekend, and decided that I wanted to get back into PSO after playing it for at least 1,000 hours back in the Dreamcast days. What I remember most was the excitement of getting people together for some S-Rank Challenge Mode. The excitement of getting a great time followed by the eventual reward of that S-Rank Weapon was just such a rush, I want that feeling back! I am looking for some players to enjoy Challenge Mode from the beginning with me! Ep1 all the way through.

I am available with flexible hours and can pretty much accommodate any player that wants to step up and earn that S-Rank with me! Just let me know some good times and dates and we can meet up! We can set up a strategy and team comp as well here, so we can figure out what we need!

Look forward to hearing back from anyone, and I am happy to join the community again! I love the widescreen resolutions btw!

Kind regards,


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I will be logging on and available tonight if anyone is up. My in game name is Mordliss. I will also check back here for anyone that responds. To answer your question, each mission takes between 10 minutes to an hour depending, and the total time used to accomplish each mission must be lower then 7 hours total. Keep in mind that each mission can be redone individually in order to lower the total accumulated score if you happen to run over the 7 hours. If your able to score a time below 7 hours in Episode 1 you get a S-Rank Weapon of your choice.

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