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  1. Then I feel bad for the Newman characters, especially Hunewearl.
  2. I know that the character max stats have been increased on this server, what I want to know is have the caps just been increased or have they added the difference to the stat growth charts?
  3. PSO never had a casino. The Jukebox was originally from episode 3's lobbies and only PSU and PSO2 have had casinos. I believe some private servers also have made one of the lobbies, 13 I think, into a casino but it was never an original funciton.
  4. Best solo class mostly depends on episode, I would probably say Racast for Episode 1 and 2 and Fonewm for episode 4.
  5. You know what we need?

    Apparently not since people seem to be getting them through trading in business cards.
  6. You know what we need?

    I'll still bring up the idea of making photon drops a reward in challenge mode so people have a reason to do it, but I dunno how much that would matter.
  7. Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14

    I'll continue to keep an eye out.
  8. Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14

    Literally been over two months, how are there no challenge mode players on this server?
  9. I always find it odd that the ata value is shown that way. Would it have been an issue for Sega to just have the true value lol?
  10. Each unit doubles the previous. General / Battle 5% Devil / Battle 10% God / Battle 20% Heavenly / Battle 40% V101 40% 15 point stat increase to all stats except ATA which is 1.5 Centurion / Battle is the only unit that breaks the rule because it's a custom item which is 110% speed increase.
  11. The Blizzard special is pretty screwed since it has to pass two checks based on enemy special resistance and ice resistance if I recall correctly. If you want to make an S-rank for Hunters, make an Arrest Slicer or J-cutter and use the SN bug.
  12. If at all possible, I would like to suggest adding Photon Drops as a reward for completing challenge mode. It seems S-ranks are not enough of an incentive to participate in it since they can be obtained elsewhere. It would be nice to have more motivation for people to try challenge mode out. At least this way, people can work as a team to get some much needed currency.
  13. Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14

    Great, an event that kills any motivation to even try challenge mode. That sounds really well thought out.
  14. Unbuff Belras plz

    Speaking of enemy buffs, could Larva or someone with access post the new enemy stats for ultimate? Would be nice to have.
  15. Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14

    Does anyone on this server actually play cmode?