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    God, Jesus, Music, Love, Romance, Passion, Tenderness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Patience, Ukulele, Poetry, Salvation, Rebirth, Righteousness, Beauty, Nature, Bushcraft, Primitive Technology, Botany, Art, and much more

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  1. I am just a human "being" seeing, feeling, wishing for healing. Learning, burning with desires concerning the flesh, a mesh of a mess. no more no less I confess

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    2. steelfirehawk


      yeah I did awhile ago, but forgot the abbreviation. I remember ended with a J and it is consider the mediator

    3. Trigunman


      Ahhh I see, kewl, you look like a musician, haha!  Personally, I'm a guitarist/bassist, emphasis on the guitar.  I'm currently stretching myself between two bands ATM, playing bass in one, guitar in the other.  I could tell you like poetry.  :lol:  Good stuff man.  Someday, I'll pass some of my earlier band's demos your way and let you see what you think.

    4. steelfirehawk


      yeah thats cool. I'll check it out sometime. but message it to me here cause can't log in to my youtube. Google wants a phone number and I don't play those games with them.

  2. Hey there, don't know if anyone remembers me. I'm Steel, and back from torturous grinding, and trolls haha. I gave Ethenia a shot, and got pretty far, but I honestly had to admit to myself I prefer ultima, and miss a few of some of you cool peeps on here like Mimi, and Trunks. Plan to stick around this time. Feel free to give me a shout anytime ya'll
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