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Welcome to The Illuminati.


There are certain rules that you must follow before considering joining.

1. Be awesome.

2. Be able to take a joke

3. Don't be a grammar nazi.

4. Have swag

Requirements: There is none, Anyone can join. But if I or anybody else in the team knows your a little trouble maker well... you're not allowed in :P
The Illuminati is steadily Rising. If your teamless and want a fun team and don't mind that its a small team atm, then come and join :onion107:

All questions, comments, suggestions or anything related to the team Please either post it here or pm me.

Team list :

<0001> Tweek

<0002> Snake

<0003> LilEmoBoi

<0004> Caboose

<0005> Dark Styl

<0006> bLuEhAzE

<0007> Angeluz

<0008> Seandra

<0009> Ezekiel

<0010> Gravity

<0011> Schrankus

<0012> 3w0x!t@

<0013> Cara

<0014> Yo, Robot

<0015> pan

<0016> nephenee

<0017> Asciel

<0018> Judgment

<0019> tyrion

<0020> Cencio

<0021> RX-190

<0022> That Noob Rose

<0023> Maka

<0024> Cinnamon

<0025> Lumille

<0026> Hinitarok

<0027> Judgment

<0028> Onyxx

<0029> Vcius

<0030> Sirus

<0031> Xero.

<0032> Mrs. Pain

<0033> Louisa

<0034> Kishy

<0035> Asciel

<0036> Asciel

<0037> Exilon

<0038> Asuna

<0039> SnYpA

<0040> Armando

<0041> Soren

<0032> FantAsy

<0043> Dat NooB Rose

<0044> Marti

<0045> Church Artist

<0046> Adore

<0047> Deja

<0048> CardTrick

<0049> Tweek

<0050> Armando

<0051> Silv

<0052> under9000

<0053> Duja

<0054> Armando

<0055> Predator

<0056> Assrashi

<0057> under9000

<0058> warunyan

<0059> Jonesy

<0060> Syker

<0061> Lirir

<0062> BullsEye!

<0063> Queen

<0064> Cyrus

<0065> Izaya

<0066> Fishy

<0067> wayne

<0068> alfablue

<0069> under9000

<0070> Vector

<0071> Cy4ka

<0072> Yuriko

<0073> Flowcast

<0074> dopiqob

<0075> Maxxy

<0076> Baranka

<0077> Hykaro

<0078> Izaya

<0079> Arashi

<0080> Cyan

<0081> Jez

<0082> Illu Bank

<0083> Angel <3

<0084> cosita

<0085> Ravict

<0086> Bunny X

<0087> Barnabus

<0088> Sparticus

<0089> Kes

Preview team video :

Edited by Armando
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I wish you best of luck with your Team m8, if you need any help with anything feel free to ask dude =]

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every time that changes, make it worst

give it up one times for the playa hatas yall motivate me so I gotta thank you. but please keep your negativity away from this topic here we only allow positive vibes.

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Ok here are my Infos :

Timezone : (GMT + 2:00)

Chars : Arashi Ramarl 200 Whitill

HYK4R0 Racast 200 Greenill

Edited by Hykaro
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I am interested in joining. My New World Order comment wasn't trying to knock you all in any way. I need some people to hunt Proof of Sonic Team with as well and need to get some characters up to higher levels. Who do I need to talk with?

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Anybody who has the following flag ingame or wait for me to sign on later and I will gladly invite you to the team ;)

All my characters names are Armando, or find one of the people who posted above there characters names are listed there.


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i got

lvl 200 Racast Redria

153 Ramarl Greenill

i can be on until like 5pm eastern time usa, sometimes im on at night

when is this event?

Soon.... very soon..... time to put my 8 racast to use ^_^

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I'll pin this topic as a reminder that you're an active team. Once you're in-active for a long period of time, i will unpin it.


Topic updated I will make a better update later lol that's just for the mean time.

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I like how you guys are all getting set and organised for up-coming Events, really good stuff i'm impressed. *Thumbs-Up* :onion-head11: to that determination =]

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